What to Invest in to Save Money as a College Student


For many students, college is an expensive few years of their life. Along with the ever-rising cost of tuition fess, which are currently at an all-time high, students also have to worry about a whole range of other costs, such as the cost of living – rent, food and transportation – not to mention the money spent on study aids such as a new laptop or tablet, textbooks and even accessories such as stationery. Since most students are only able to earn a small wage by working part-time, it’s no surprise that finances can get tight quickly when you’re studying for a degree. We’ve put together some of the best ways to invest your money as a student to ensure that you’re saving as much as possible.

Choose an Online Course

Investing your money in an online course rather than studying at a physical college on an in-house course can help to save you up to one-third on tuition fees. Online courses tend to come a lot cheaper than classroom based courses, and they’re quickly becoming an increasingly more popular way of earning a degree, with many respected colleges offering online versions of some or all of their courses, including advanced courses such as a doctorate in nursing practice (DNP online).

Buy a Property

For many students, paying rent is one of the biggest costs of going to college aside from tuition fees. With the cost of student living on the rise, more and more students are considering purchasing their own home rather than renting student accommodation. Purchasing a home at a young age is entirely possible, even if it takes a lot of saving up or perhaps even taking out a property loan. Smart students could even make money from this investment by renting out rooms in their home to other students! Doing this could mean that you actually earn back the monthly cost of your mortgage each month, making it an idea that’s definitely worth considering.

Invest in an e-Reader

Textbooks definitely don’t come cheap, and even if you’re trying to save on cash by borrowing the books for your course from the university library, there’s always the risk of somebody else having taken the book that you want out, or maybe you’ll need it for longer than the given borrowing time. However, there are many textbooks which are fairly inexpensive or even free to obtain online, meaning that an e-reader or tablet which has an e-reading app can be one of the best investments that a student can make. Along with the fact that electronic books tend to be cheaper, it’s also an easy and convenient way to store all of your textbooks – you’ll save space, and there’ll be no strain on your back!

Student life may be a necessary experience for many, but there’s no denying the cost. More and more, smart students are turning to investing their money in various ways that will help them to save money in the long run.