Where to Buy Anything for Less Than Full Price

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For centuries, bartering was an art form every man was taught. But when capitalism and corporations took over the economy, haggling wasn’t happening. Then came the internet.

Now businesses from all over the world are competing for your business by offering goods at discount prices. There are also platforms that actually encourage haggling and savvy auction skills to score deals. Buyers once again have the upper hand at the websites below.

Sports Gear

Athletic apparel, shoes and sports equipment isn’t typically cheap. Sure, you can buy inexpensive shirts and shorts from Wal-Mart, but the chances of them lasting more than a handful of washes are slim. For quality sports apparel and equipment, internet is the place to shop.

If you’re one of the millions of guys that play soccer on a regular basis, you’ll want to check out SoccerLoco. The website has good prices on top gear, plus customer service reps that are ready to chat and offer advice. They also offer add-on deals like 10% off cleats just by providing your email address.

If outdoor sports and recreation is more your thing, you already know the gear isn’t cheap. Amazon and REI Outlet are two good options for finding packs, hiking boots, tents, etc. at discount prices.

BikesDirect.com is a popular shopping site for avid bikers no matter what type of surface you like to ride. With up to 60% off of mountain and road bikes, the sport is actually affordable for guys that make less than six figures a year.

Tech and Gadgets

Since the first light bulb and telephone, men have had a love affair with technology. It’s a very expensive love affair. Almost as expensive as a new girlfriend. It’s a good thing there are plenty of places to get the newest gadgets for less these days.

Newegg.com is a go-to for techies that can’t support their habit by paying full price. Computer products are their bread and butter, but the product list doesn’t stop there. With millions of items for sale, just about anything tech related can be found on NewEgg.


If you want to look like a million bucks without ever making a million bucks, Grailed.com has you covered. The online store carries secondhand designer duds for dudes. Like so many internet businesses before Grailed.com, owner Arun Gupta started the company because he had a need that wasn’t being fulfilled. The company is also pitching itself as an eco-friendly option since buying used clothes is technically recycling.

JackThreads.com is another site that has a great selection of clothing staples for men. Their line is simple yet high quality, which helps the company deliver great value. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth, because you’ll wear the clothes over and over.


Need a new dining room table to hold all your mail? Has your beanbag finally given out? Most gentlemen aren’t putting much thought into interior design. They just need a functional piece of furniture that isn’t going to require an entire paycheck to buy.

That’s why Craigslist has become a furniture mecca. People already ask for fairly moderate prices, but if you’re good at negotiating, you can usually knock a little bit more off of high-ticket items. One word of caution: avoid furniture with cloth materials if you are worried about bed bugs.


CarMax has done a great job marketing themselves as the place to get more for your trade-in and solid vehicles at fair prices, but they’re far from the only dealer in town or online.

AutoTempest.com can save you a lot of time searching online. It’s an aggregator website that merges car offers from all over the web, including Craigslist. AutoTrader.com is another good website due to sheer volume. Millions of new and used cars go up for sale on the website every year. You can also find the value for your current car and sell it while you’re there.

Before you buy a car, it’s a good idea to swing by TrueCar.com. They’ve got transaction prices on thousands of newer model vehicles so you know the going price.

Random Buys

eBay is the kingdom of random things for sale. Their random selection even includes cars in the Motors section. Basically, if you’re trying to find something on the cheap or that can’t be bought in stores, eBay is the place where you’ll probably find it. But because it’s an auction-style site, you’ll need to keep a level head or you may end up paying more than expected.

Woot.com is another website that can be a little overwhelming since there’s so much stuff available at their online store. It’s a daily deals type of site, which means what you see there one day will probably be gone the next. It can be hit or miss depending on the current merchandise, but it’s worth checking out.