The Secrets of Saving Money and Getting Fit at the Same Time

running at sunrise

You shouldn’t pump out the dollars while you’re pumping iron and getting in shape. Don’t starve your bank account by beefing up and getting tone. There are ways to save while getting in shape at the same time.

Go with a Friend

Hire a personal trainer at group rates by asking one or more friends to come along. The added company will make you feel less awkward and more forward to attending sessions. Additionally, trainers can find creative ways to address larger pools of people so get in shape while having fun too.

Find a Coupon

Who pays retail these days? Access sites like for reduced rates on gym equipment, memberships, and training sessions. Most of those who walk-in never find out about ways to save before signing off on costly gym memberships.

Don’t Go to the Gym

You want the results of exercise but not necessarily a costly gym membership. Get creative and find ways to exercise at home without the need of weights and machines. Do pushups on the floor, pull ups using a doorframe, and run through the neighborhood for exercise. You want the results and care less about the means. You can burn calories and build muscle anywhere.

Go on a Diet

Most people think a ‘diet’ is a punishment for being overweight. But, a well-balanced diet ensures you’ll never get fat. Be more mindful of what you eat rather than how you burn calories. The average human burns between 1800 and 2000 calories per day without lifting a finger. Add more fruits and veggies to your diet and more dollars in your wallet, not needing the gym or equipment to maintain a desired weight.

Negotiate a Deal

Just about any service or product is open to negotiation. Speak to the gym owner about a free month trial or a large percentage cut in costs for signing a long-term contract. Don’t react and blindly pay what’s initially asked. Inquire about upcoming sales and ongoing coupons.

Contact Your Agent

Contact your insurance agent about coverage or reduction in insurance rates due to your fit lifestyle. You should be rewarded for being healthy and not depleted of dollars. In addition to your insurance agent, contact your employer’s human resources department about health related benefits that may cover gym memberships, vitamins, and other health needs.

Learn to Walk

Learn to make walking a regular hobby and form of exercise. It’s low impact, and you can do it for hours and in all conditions. Best of all, it requires little fees other than the cost of a good pair of walking shoes. If you feel like walking is not enough of a challenge, try speed walking or attaching weights to your ankles.

Walk the Dog

Start a dog-walking service and get paid while getting exercise by walking a number of neighborhood dogs. Dogs are high-maintenance animals that love exercise and the outdoors. Unfortunately, a number of owners don’t have the time to take them out. Get the word out and start walking the local streets and parks.

Get a Job

Get a part-time job at the local gym. Many offer employees free use of equipment or at least a reduced rate in membership fees. Additionally, you won’t need to spend the additional gas on going to the gym. You’ll already be there, making money in the process. If you’re especially informed about nutrition and health, you can begin accepting private sessions at per hour rates.

Workout at Work

Spend your lunch hour working out inside the office or around the grounds rather than pay for a gym membership. You may be a bit sweaty the latter half of work but at least you’ll be earning while spending calories. In addition, you may be able to find a work buddy to double as a workout companion.

Do Labor Work

Get a part time job as a laborer, using your muscles and back while getting paid. To fulfill weekend positions and to hire for seasonal work, landscapers and contract workers need laborers to attend to a variety of positions. If you don’t mind lifting a shovel rather than a metal plate, seek labor listings in your area.