Men on the Move: Creating Your Unique Street Wear Style

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Most adults have two wardrobes in their closet. On one side of the closet are the clothes that you wear as a professional. Suits, ties, dress shoes, and formal shirts dangle from hangers and make up your day-to-day wardrobe for work. On the other side of the closet are the clothes you wear on the street. You change into these outfits when you head out to the pub to meet your friends, take that special someone to a nice restaurant for a romantic dinner, or go to the theaters with others.

If you’re having a hard time creating your own unique street-wear style, there is help out there. Manufacturers selling street wear not only offer the clothing pieces you need to complete your style, but even offer ideas on which clothing is best in certain situations.

Turn to Your Peers

The problem many people face in creating their own unique style is the inability to put an entire ensemble together. You may be able to pick the bottoms and tops that you believe fit your physique and look unique as part of your own style, but what about the shoes, hats, hairstyles, and accessories you need to complete the look?

If no one in your family or friend group is capable of lending you advice, you can always turn to social media and other outlets for advice and guidance. The Essential Guide to Street Wear, as offered on, points out the clothes and accessories you need to complete your look and craft a unique street-wear style.


Most people view shoes as a key part of proper street wear. Different shoes send a different message depending upon the brand and the outfit you wear it with. For example, the Vans brand is iconic among those who grew up on a skateboard. Today, they can be worn as an old-school look that defines street-wear casual. On the other hand, Nike shoes send a message about your sporting ability.


Often overlooked, your socks can accent your outfit and shout your personal style to the world when worn correctly. Low-cut socks are great for athletic looks and show the world a little ankle. Conversely, some knee-high socks add a blast of color to your outfit and put your personality on display for the world as you walk down the street.


Whether you wear joggers, jeans, or chinos, it’s hard to go wrong with your bottoms. The most important thing to do is match up your bottoms with your shoes and socks. A big no-no in the world of bottoms is allowing your boxers to show. Your boxers are your business and no one else cares to see them. If you want a unique style that earns you respect and positive attention on the streets, keep your boxers covered up.


Graphic tees are extremely popular right now. Manufacturers from Thomas Gun to 10deep, Stussy, and others offer some of the hottest graphic tees available today. A graphic tee can accent your outfit, show off your style, and even serve as a conversation starter. With that said, there is nothing wrong with basic tees either. There is a lot to be said for the individual who has a style that is clean and plain. You’re not calling attention to yourself, but you project a cool confidence that is unmistakable.


From watches to glasses, accessories serve as the perfect finishing touch for your unique street-wear style. Even though your smartphone has a clock on it, wearing a watch is a classic look that is quite unique today because so few individuals actually wear one. That said, don’t settle for a cheap digital watch. Your sunglasses are a great way to frame your face and attract attention, without making you look foolish. The best sunglasses are those with solid colors and reasonable size in comparison to your face and its shape.


Finally, top off your look with the perfect hat to match your style. The Cornell Daily Sun points out that 5-panel hats and bucket hats are particularly popular street-wear pieces today. 5-panel hats are made with five panels instead of six, like typical baseball hats, and are better suited for those with an oval head. Bucket hats are also increasingly popular and are designed for those with rounder heads. Both styles offer bold designs that complement your style and add the perfect finishing piece to your unique street-wear style.

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