Clothes That Modern Men Should Not Wear


Fashion is quite tricky. There are so many rules that have to be respected and that many do not know anything about. For most men out there, clothes are not important, but every single man wants to look good. Instead of staying focused on what you should wear, let us focus on what you should never wear. That will quickly make you better dressed.

Embroidered Jeans

The only situation in which you should think about wearing embroidered jeans is when you are the one that did the embroidery and it looks really great. Anything else simply does not cut it, especially when the embroidery is on the seat side.

Plastic Flip-Flops

Most men have a pair of plastic flip-flops in the wardrobe, but many will wear them when going out. These shoes are made for the beach, and that is the only place where they should be seen. You should also remove them as you leave the beach. There is nothing that says “I wear children clothes” like plastic flip-flops. We should also add that you should never wear the single-banded Adidas sandals that were popular during middle school.

Studded Belts

A studded belt is basically for teenagers, not men. If you are a man and you wear such a belt, it is really weird. This is basically a synonym for Teen Angst and nobody wants this.


Three-piece suits are really good, but you need to avoid wearing just the vest. Men have to remember the fact that vests are out of fashion. If you have items that are paired with fedoras, remove them completely from your wardrobe.

Bling Jewelry

You can only wear outrageous bling if you are a rapper. You cannot wear it if you are not one and you just like rap or something like that. It is possible to always go for the high-end men’s gold rings and similar great jewelry, but when you opt for what is normally referred to as bling, you are faced with something of a really low quality.

Tie-Dyed Clothes

These t-shirts should only be worn by children or at a child’s birthday party. You can actually make these handmade at the party as an activity. Wearing a tie-dyed shirt while going out is simply too much.

Wider Ties

During the 1990s, the wide tie was incredibly popular. Unfortunately for the fans of those trends, this is no longer the case. If you still wear the same ties now, you should stop immediately. They are simply horrible and you should never consider them again.

The Over-Sized Jacket

There are some men on whom over-sized jackets look great, but in most cases, this is just horrible. The problem in this case is the look that you get. The modern man is much more tailored. This means that the idea is to look slimmer and more comfortable, not wear baggy clothes. They make men look strange in most cases.