3 Elements Every Groom Should Include in His Wedding Attire


It’s no secret that men have a hard time picking an outfit for their wedding day. Wearing the right suit is extremely crucial, but finding it can be a huge challenge.

The importance of looking great as you make the biggest commitment of your life cannot be undermined. And this is something that you’re probably already worried about.

So, let us spare you the sleepless nights by presenting the three basic elements that a groom should include in his wedding wardrobe to look impressive on his big day.

1. A Good Suit

Unless you’re planning to have a theme wedding, you will do well to go with a well-fitting suit or a tuxedo. A classic suit or tuxedo would suit the occasion perfectly, and make you look debonair. Go for one in black or other dark colors such as midnight-blue or charcoal-gray. These colors will work well in adding a dollop of suaveness to your overall look.

Many a time, grooms go for simple single-breasted suit jackets as they are understated, yet imposing. However, not every groom needs to wear a single-breasted one with two buttons. To add more extravagance to your wedding-day outfit, go for a double-breasted jacket along with a waistcoat as that will add volume and lend an air of formality to the attire.

Wear your suit with a formal white dress shirt. An open collar will not work with a double-breasted jacket. Further, it will feel uncomfortable if worn for a long period of time.

Thinking of donning a three-piece suit? Go right ahead. It makes for an equally formal yet versatile option as it can look extremely formal and sophisticated. OwnOnly has an array of great suits that you can choose from for your wedding day.

2. A Stylish Vest

While grooms can skip this one, know that the vest or the waistcoat can enhance the chic factor of your look. In fact, it can complete your wedding ensemble. It extends a sense of class and elegance to a formal look during a traditional ceremony.

A waistcoat will work well for your look even after the ceremony is over, and you’re headed to dinner. You can remove the jacket and keep the waistcoat on to continue grabbing eyeballs and be comfortable in your formal and stylish attire.

3. A Classic Necktie

Black is the safest and the most refined color for grooms to wear on their milestone day. Wearing a black necktie or bowtie with your suit or tuxedo can amp up your wedding-day style.

Alternatively, you can opt for a tie in colors such as green, blue, metallic or earth tones with a modest pattern on it. Such a tie will make you look graceful. Avoid red neckties as they may look extremely garish.

Wedding Day Concerns: To Customize or Not

When it comes to the wedding suit, several grooms prefer to go for a tailor-made one, rather than a readymade piece. That’s because a tailor would custom-make your suit as per your specifications in order to make sure that it fits you to a T.

The garment will be made especially for you with your exact measurements so that the fit isn’t compromised in any way. A good fit is the hallmark of a great custom suits and can ensure that it complements your physique brilliantly. An ill-fitting suit, on the other hand, can ruin your entire look.

Moreover, going for a tailor-made suit will enable you to choose its fabric, color and design. Modern-day tailors are adept at stitching suits in various designs that meet your expectations and possess a superior quality that leaves you feeling pleased with the results.

You can also choose the fabric as per your requirement. For instance, you can go for a suit in cotton or linen for a summer wedding. For winter, wool and flannel can keep you insulated as both have heat-keeping abilities.


Suiting up for your wedding day need not be a tricky affair anymore. With careful planning and attention to detail, you can look like the picture of sartorial elegance on your big day. Do not forget to add the above-mentioned elements to your wedding ensemble and you will surely cut a fine figure and make heads turn.


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