5 Essential Items in a Man’s Wardrobe


While a man’s wardrobe is typically more basic than a woman’s, it is very important for every gentleman to have an idea of what he needs to have in his wardrobe. Just like women, men can be a little impulsive sometimes when buying clothes, and more often than not, these clothes just stay inside the closet, because most men have no idea how to mix and match them in the first place. The trick in pairing men’s outfits is to stick with the wardrobe staples and accentuate them with some trendy garments. Here’s a list of the items every man’s closet should have:

1. Timeless Accessories

Any simple outfit accentuated with an accessory can look stylish. There are a number of fashion accessories for men available in the market today, but perhaps most men will agree that a classic leather watch is a main essential. Not only it is fashionable, but it is also functional. It is way classier to glance at your wrist than to swipe your smartphone when checking the time.

2.Khaki Pants

Every man should own at least one pair of khaki pants, as it is among one of the most versatile options for pants. Khaki pants are a good alternative to jeans, especially if you are aiming for a more smart-casual look. This garment never goes out of style and can compliment almost every kind of shirt you have in your closet. A good pair of straight-cut khaki pants will look nice with a plain light-colored shirt, striped sweater, plaid shirt or plain white v-neck shirt.

3.Lace-Up Boots

This versatile footwear can be used both in casual gatherings or fancy dinners. A good pair of suede boots will go well with denim pants, trousers or just about any pants. Investing in good quality suede boots can benefit your fashionable self for a long time.

4.Crewneck T-shirts

You can never go wrong with plain crewneck tees. Not only is it super comfortable to wear, but it never goes out of style. Go for plain tees that are not too baggy or too tight for your body. Also, choose a fabric that best suits your body type. Your closet should have at least one of each of these colors: white, gray, navy and black.

5.Perfect Jeans

Jeans will always be a fashion staple because they can be worn on most occasions (except, of course, for formal events) and they effectively compliment everything else that you wear. When choosing the right jeans, always stick with the cut that looks good on you. One of the most versatile cut of jeans is the straight cut. Skinny and boot cut jeans will come and go, but straight cuts will always look good regardless of the present trend.

So whether you work in a casual office or in an upscale corporate workplace, stick with these essentials as your base when getting dressed.