Picture of the Day: Gina shows off her impressive cleavage

Check out the impressive cleavage on sexy Gina as this Italian model shows off her figure.

Gina shows off her impressive cleavage


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Just for Men: Protect Your Sexual Health by Avoiding These 5 Bad Habits

couple not having sex

Sex. It’s on every man’s mind, and new studies illuminate just how serious erectile dysfunction is. At the same time, low testosterone isn’t something you have to live with. A lot of times, you can solve the problem with simple diet and lifestyle changes.

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Male Grooming: Everything the Modern Man Needs to Know

barber comb and scissors

There are hundreds of guides to female grooming, but the modern man can be left scratching his head about how to approach the fine art of male grooming. Here is everything you’ve always wanted to know about each of the key areas that you need to groom, including vital information about how much hair to remove and what gadgets you need to use. However, don’t forget that grooming is also a matter of personal preference, and if you have a partner then she might want to have a say in these decisions as well!

Shave your chest in moderation

While hairless chests were once more fashionable, grooming experts now advise that the trend is trimmed chest hair instead. You can decide how much to remove by considering your body type, as heavier men can actually benefit from the slight camouflage provided by a bit more hair. To get an even and attractive look, you’ll need a good quality pair of clippers. Use these clippers to trim all over your chest, moving against the grain to get the right results. If you have sensitive skin, using a moisturising body lotion after shaving can help to dull any redness and minimize potential itching. Finally, consider whether your chest hair will look odd next to your facial hair. While that suggestion might sound strange, a bushy beard next to a shaved chest can be quite jarring, so try your best to match hair length.

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The Great Face Debate: The Best Razor for Shaving

shaving your chin

It’s the first thing people notice, that wonderful personality of yours. No, it’s that close shave or lack thereof. Whether you desire razor-thin cuts or prefer a bit of stubble, you’re part of an ever-going debate regarding whether to use an electric razor, blade, or a mixture of both to achieve desired results.


The Dollar Shave Club made a splash with their crafty marketing, introducing regular intervals of disposable blade shipping, so guys don’t have to fret about losing their edge when it comes to a close shave. A ‘wet’ shave combines a blade with some sort of aid, whether gel or cream, to get extra close. Some men swear by gels and creams, which usually take off the outer layer of skin for an exfoliating effect.

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Picture of the Day: Amazing Dasha in lingerie by the window

Dasha is one of our favorite models, and this beautiful redhead looks amazing here with the light from the window washing all over her light and beautiful skin as she sports some white lingerie.

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