Workouts and Weights: Finding the Right Gym for You

hand holding dumbell in gym

Not all gyms are equal and depending on what your personal goals are and what you are looking to achieve from your workout routine, it is possible to find the right gym for you, if you ask the right questions before you sign up.
Gym membership has certain advantages and one of them is the chance to use a range of fitness equipment that would cost you a lot of money to buy if you were considering setting up a small gym at home.

Here is a look at key factors like cost and other points to consider so that you are able to find the right gym for your needs.


A good starting point would be to create a list of priorities. Write out a list of facilities and equipment that you would absolutely want to have in the gym you are thinking about joining and then dilute the list down to items that you would also like to see.

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Time to choose a gym


Like most people, you’ve probably waited till after the holidays to think about getting back in shape. It’s an annual ritual for many of us, but that doesn’t make it any less important.

Step one for many of us will be joining a gym, and now is a good time to be looking, as many gyms are offering all sorts of promotions and discounts during the holiday season through January. The New York Times has a good article on getting a deal on a gym membership.

It’s New Year’s resolution time again, and the health and fitness clubs here in New York and throughout the country are out in full force.

This time of year you can count on heavy promotions. Clubs depend on the December-January rush for the bulk of their memberships. But this year the frenzy has been ratcheted up a notch as clubs try to make up for the recession, which caused many corporate sponsorships to evaporate and many individual members to drop out or cut way back on costly extras like personal training and massage.

But lean times for the fitness clubs are good news for consumers.

“Join in December and you’ll get the best deals — across the board,” says Howard Brodsky, chief executive of New York Health & Racquet Club. “Health clubs are businesses just like any other retail business. They have numbers they need to hit.”

And here is more good news: Over the last decade or so the health club industry has cleaned up many of its questionable practices. Years ago, health and fitness clubs routinely made the Federal Trade Commission’s list of the top 10 sources of consumer complaints about deceptive sales practices, misleading contracts and lack of full disclosure.

We also recommend checking out one of Fitness Editor Mike Furci’s earliest articles for on how to choose a gym.

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