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Workouts and Weights: Finding the Right Gym for You

hand holding dumbell in gym

Not all gyms are equal and depending on what your personal goals are and what you are looking to achieve from your workout routine, it is possible to find the right gym for you, if you ask the right questions before you sign up.
Gym membership has certain advantages and one of them is the chance to use a range of fitness equipment that would cost you a lot of money to buy if you were considering setting up a small gym at home.

Here is a look at key factors like cost and other points to consider so that you are able to find the right gym for your needs.


A good starting point would be to create a list of priorities. Write out a list of facilities and equipment that you would absolutely want to have in the gym you are thinking about joining and then dilute the list down to items that you would also like to see.

For example, if you are mainly into strength training, a top priority would be to find a spacious and well-equipped free weight area that ticks all of those boxes. When you start to look around, you might be surprised at how many gyms don’t offer enough space to allow you to do your own bodyweight workouts.

Another point to consider is that specialist suppliers like gym flooring Canada install specially-designed flooring that allows you to exercise with comfort and safety in mind, so make sure that your choice of gym has invested in good flooring.

Location is important

You know what they say about real estate and how it is all about location, location, location. The same line of thinking applies to how you select the best gym for you.

Even if you find a gym that has absolutely everything you ever want and is just perfect, if it is located on the other side of town or in a place which is hard to get to for you, this will have a massive impact on how much use you are going to get out of your gym membership.

Choosing a gym that is close to your work or home will make it easier to fit your workout into your schedule and it will make sure you don’t raise your stress levels before you even start exercising.

Ask about the staff

Gyms are quite a people business and it is no coincidence that some of the best gyms around have the best staff, who are supportive, courteous and knowledgeable.

When you visit a gym for a look around, speak to staff members and ask them a few questions as well as enquiring about what qualifications they have. Also ask about personal trainer rates and just generally get a feel of whether it feels like a well-run gym with happy members who seem to be getting on great with people running it.

Check opening hours

Some gyms are open 24 hours a day but most have specific opening hours.

You need to know that the gym will be open when you are most likely to want to use it. If they close at the weekends or don’t open early enough to allow you to fit in an early morning or late night workout, this will have a big impact on how much you get out of your gym membership.


Cleanliness and hygiene standards need to be high in any public space and this is definitely a big requirement when it comes to gyms.

When you look around the gym, check to see that there are plenty of fresh towels around to wipe down equipment and inspect the showers and toilets to see if they are properly maintained.

What you want to see is staff members of the gym enforcing hygiene standards and that everywhere feels clean and hygienic.


All of these important points matter when choosing your gym, but without a decent level of equipment, it is probably going to fall short of giving you want you want and need from your membership.

There are always going to be machines that are popular than others, such as treadmills, so make sure that there appear to be enough to go around. Nothing is more frustrating than having to wait in line to use the equipment, and also ask whether there are time limits imposed.

Some gyms restrict treadmill use to a maximum of thirty minutes, which is not going to suit if your plan is to run for longer as part of your routine. Also look to see if there is a decent variety of exercise machines and equipment on offer, so that you get the opportunity to try new things.

If you take the time to tick as many of your preferences on your list, you will greatly improve your chances of finding a gym that is just right for you.

Jeff Powell has helped build and outfit hundreds of gyms across Canada. Many of the gym owners he’s worked with have come to rely on his technical knowledge, business savvy and advice on starting and operating a profitable facility. He has worked with the Toronto Maple Leafs on their Master Card training center, and numerous facilities for the Canadian Armed Forces. Jeff enjoys sharing his insights online for gym owners who need help, as well as for individuals who want to put together a simple home training setup.