4 Ways to Get Better Battery Life On Your Phone


Are you constantly getting annoyed because you look down at your smartphone only to find that the battery life is running dangerously low? Are you tired of not having a way to charge your phone and being stuck without it because the battery died while you’re on the go? Well, rest assured that there are several ways that you can get better battery life on your phone.

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Securing Your Mobile Device

man using smartphone

Sorry to break it to you, but your mobile device has a bull’s eye on it! Researchers are devising ways to hack into your device using hardware that is easy to mistake as legitimate. Imagine that you are at the home of an acquaintance, when your phone suddenly runs out of batteries. That spare charger your acquaintance gives you to charge your device could be a tool for injecting malware on your phone. Increasingly clever hacks that take advantage of our trust in others have create opportunities for hackers to steal the personal information we keep on our devices.
Software that tracks our device from remote locations can help us recover a lost phone, but that’s only the beginning of security measures that should become standard to anyone with a smartphone.


Applications like “Prey” put a tracking system on your device. It uses geo-location and Wi-Fi positioning to locate your phone and provide remote functions like shutting it down or wiping the device. You can also program the device to take a picture of the thief. Samsung and Apple each offer similar services of their own through security pages you can access once you have your device connected to the network.

Just like a computer, network security protection is important to mobile users. Apps that watch your browsing habits in real-time and inspect files for integrity will keep your device safe from malware designed to leech your information.

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Get your PowerPak for mobile power


Everyone has been there. You’re on a plane and your iPod runs out of juice. You’re on the road and your phone dies. If you don’t have access to an outlet you’re screwed.

One option everyone should consider is having a mobile power source that you keep in your bag or briefcase, and the PowerPak is a nice option. We tested it out and were pretty happy with the results. Charge it when you charge your phone, and you can feel confident when you hit the road that you have a backup power source if you find yourself in a tough spot.

The PowerPak comes with extensions for every conceivable mobile device, so you’ll likely be in a position to bail out your friends as well.