Adella Pasos is an exotic beauty

Here’s an excellent slideshow courtesy of exotic model Adella Pasos who looks amazing in these photos. We start of the slideshow with a beautiful sunset photo as Adella sports a red bikini as she shows off her 36-24-36 figure, and then we see her in a Miami Dolphins bikini and hat as well. The we have some pics with Adella posed on a motorcycle and next to some muscle cars. Yeah – every man’s fantasy! Adella has an exotic and sultry look that jumps off the screen.

Adella was born and raised in Chicago and has been modeling since 2006, working with a wide variety of talented photographers. As she gained exposure, she branched out to organizing promotional modeling events, hosting for celebrity parties, and branding her name as a spokes model. Next, she’ll be working on her acting career. Her interests include football, cars, video games, MMA, modeling, fitness and dance.

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A chat with #1 UFC Middleweight Contender Chris Weidman

The hottest name in the UFC’s middleweight division belongs to Chris Weidman. Fresh off a beat down of leading middleweight contender Mark Munoz, it was just announced this week that he will next fight Tim Boetsch on December 29th for the right to face Anderson “The Spider” Silva with the belt on the line.

His ascension to legitimate middleweight contender has been quick thanks to his willingness to fight (five fights in a year and a half) and a commitment to discipline, including a 32 pound weight loss in 11 days prior to fighting Damian Maia.

“I had to cut 32 pounds in 10 days on top of not being in great shape. I pretty much came right off the couch and took that fight. It definitely wasn’t a great idea for me and was probably the worst experience I ever had. So, I wouldn’t recommend anyone else doing that and I would never do it again myself.

“But it was a huge opportunity for me and I found a way to win against a guy who was top five in the world at the time. I was fighting at about 10% of what I generally feel like I fight at, but it did more for my confidence than any other fights, even the ones I’ve finished in the first round. After that fight I got a lot of criticism because it wasn’t a very exciting fight and I looked tired but it did a lot for my confidence regardless.”

What has created so much buzz about Weidman is his overall multifaceted skill set, and his ability to finish fights in different ways. In the course of going undefeated in his first five UFC fights, Weidman has collected both “Submission of the Night” and “Knockout of the Night” honors, an incredibly rare feat.

“I don’t really have a preferred way to end a fight, I just want to end it and win, “said Weidman. “It’s always a good feeling to knock someone out, but I don’t want to be one of those guys who only looks for knockouts and get caught because that’s what I’m looking for exclusively.

These days, Weidman’s name has been increasingly linked with middleweight champ Anderson Silva. Thanks to the way Silva has torn through every one the UFC has put in front of him, and the quick rise and exciting fights Weidman has fast become known for, it’s a fight the fans want to see.  But Silva’s camp has been reluctant to accept.

“It’s frustrating,” said Weidman about trying to orchestrate a fight for the title. “Since I got into the sport anytime I’d tell people I was doing MMA they’d ask what weight class and I’d say middle weight and they’d say “Isn’t that Anderson Silva’s weight class? Oh, you’re screwed. You better change weight classes, pal.” That motivated me and he deserves that type of respect ‘cause he’s earned it, but it motivated me to take risks like fighting on short notice and I’ve worked really hard to be the #1 contender and for him to just kind of downplay me, more his managers, it’s kind of frustrating. So I hope the UFC makes the fight happens but if not, I will fight someone else.

Currently Chris is a member of “Team Edge” shaving gel and is in the running to become the next “Face of Edge.”

“Basically it’s a contest,” said Chris. “There are four guys in the running to be the face of Team Edge Shaving Gel from the beginning of July to the end of September. The winner becomes the next “Face of Edge” so basically the winner will have their face on a couple million cans of edge shaving gel cans. I’m trying to win but I’m in second place and I’m down by a lot, these numbers are weird man. I think there’s some cheating going on (laughing).”

To listen to the full audio interview click here.

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Brazilian Beauty Leticia Farr

We’re happy to introduce Brazilian beauty Leticia Farr with a gallery courtesy of Dave Alan. Leticia is a internationally published professional model originally from Brazil now out of Las Vegas. In only a short period of time Leticia has been featured in Ultimate MMA magazine and MMA Uncaged and fans can see her each month in both these magazines doing interviews with the top UFC and MMA fighters.

Leticia always brings to her work something different and is never one to settle for the average. Leticia’s passion for modeling is surpassed only by the love she has for her family and friends. Look for her in more major magazines each month as it’s clear with such beauty and talent, the sky’s the limit for this angel.

See more hot images of her here and follow her Facebook page here. brings you some of the sexiest Internet Models from around the web, along with producing our own original glamour photography in channels like our Featured Model and Girl Next Door sections. Check everything out starting on our Opposite Sex page. Contact us if you want your photos featured or if you’d like to shoot with us (all models must be at least 18 years old.)


Hilarious MMA knockout video

I love this MMA flight clip. You have to see it to believe it!


Strikeforce “Tate vs. Rousey” was in full force in Columbus, Ohio

If anyone, including myself, questioned women’s MMA, the Showtime event on March 5 in Columbus should have changed everyone’s minds. The women were the stars. They weren’t just good women’s fights; they were good MMA fights. Just as men’s MMA took some years to grow into its current greatness, women’s MMA is certainly coming around.

With stars like Ronda Rousey, Miesha Tate, Sarah Kaufman and Alexis Davis showing up and performing like they did, more and more world class athletes will join the women’s ranks. This will only bring more competition and excellence.

But let’s not forget the men. There were some outstanding performances by Kazuo Misaki, Roger Bowling, Pat Healy and Ryan Couture. All in all it was an excellent night of exciting fights. Check out the recap and pics below.

Couture vs. Heun

The preliminary card at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio, prior to the Showtime televised event turned out some of the most exciting fights of the evening.

Ryan Couture, son of UFC Hall of Famer and MMA icon Randy Couture, proved just how well rounded a fighter he is. Both fighters threw a slew of kicks and punches in the first round with Couture getting the best of Heun with knees to the legs and head. Heun ate a few big punches standing in the center of the ring, one opening a big gash over his left eye.

Couture again took the advantage with striking in the second round with Heun scoring a huge takedown midway through. Both fighters showed excellent offensive and defensive tactics with strikes and submission attempts with no real damage being done.

At the start of the third round, it was evident Couture had shown up in superior condition. Being relentless in his attack, Couture forced the fight to the mat, culminating in mounting Heun’s back, allowing him to drop bombs of elbows and punches and ending in a TKO. Pics.

The stoppage was at 2:52 of the third round.

Fodor vs. Healy

Both fighters wasted no time, opening with punches from the start. Fodor landed a shot to the chin which stunned Healey. Fodor scored a takedown and immediately unleashed a ground and pound, but Healy hit a back-door escape and tripped Fodor to the ground. The round ended with Healy scoring big with punches from Fodor’s guard.

In the second round, Healy again went for the takedown, keeping Fodor on his back with a less than impressive pace. Nonetheless, Healy took advantage of the mount and unloaded as the round closed.

Healy’s impressive wrestling stood out in the third round. About 1:50 into the round, Healy attempted an arm triangle, but Fodor showed good defense and escaped, going for a leg and looking for a submission. Healy escaped and returned to the arm triangle, which ended in a tap-out at 3:53 in the third.

Bowling vs. Saling

The first round quickly turned in to a slug fest, with both fighters being dazed early on. Bowling took the fight to the mat and secured a crucifix position, unloading a relentless barrage of punches and elbows and opening several cuts on Saling’s face.

In the second round, the fight quickly went to the mat. Again, Bowling returned to the crucifix position and dropped devastating shots. Saling was unable to escape or protect himself, and the fight was stopped at 1:15 in the second.

Kaufman vs. Davis

In an effort to reclaim her belt in the featured preliminary card attraction, Sarah Kaufman first had to get through Alexis Davis, which proved to be one of the most exciting fights of the evening.

The fighters were toe to toe, both landing punches. Kaufman, though getting stunned, got the best of Davis doing obvious damage to her face. The ref called for a timeout for a doctor’s examination of the three-inch gash over Davis’ left eye.

Despite the gash, the fight continued. Both fighters traded heavy shots for the rest of the round. Davis returned the favor by opening a cut of her own with a forearm strike. At the close of the round the crowd went wild showing their appreciation for both fighters.

Relentless connections continued in the second round, with Kaufman proving to be the stronger fighter.

In the third round, with no slowing down of action, Davis scored a takedown. A combination of elbows and punches ensued, with Kaufman in defense. Davis attempted an arm bar but returned to what worked and delivered combinations of strikes. Without Davis getting the stoppage she needed, Kaufman picked up the “W.”

Davis’ ground and pound

Souza vs. Marunde

Unlike the preliminary card fights, this fight opened slowly with the fighters eventually in a clinch and exchanging strikes with nothing really landing until Souza connected with a knee and a right hand, managing to take Marunde’s back standing. Marunde went to all fours while Souza threw multiple shots. Marunde fell to his knees and the ref stood them up, warning Souza for punches to the back of the head. As the action continued, Souza attempted a guillotine but couldn’t synch it. The round ended with the fighters clinched against the fence.

The second round began with a series of strikes, with Marunde wobbling from a left hook. Souza briefly took Marunde’s back and ended up on the mat, but Marunde quickly escaped but got hit with a hard shot to the body. Souza took a hard outside leg kick.

In round 3, Souza grabbed a leg and tripped Marunde, then landed multiple strikes from the top. After taking Marunde’s back, Souza locked in an arm triangle, forcing Marunde to tap out.

Smith vs. Sayers

Sayers took early control, scoring a takedown and landing punches to the head. Sayers eventually let go and jumped to his feet before landing a big shot. Smith tried to lock in a standing choke, but Sayers picked Smith up and dropped him hard to the mat. Shortly thereafter, Sayers sunk a guillotine and Smith tapped out.

Daley vs. Misaki

The fight opened with solid leg kicks from Daley and punches from Misaki. Misaki scored a takedown. As the fighters got to their feet, Misaki landed solid knees. As the fight progressed, Misaki proved to be the more aggressive fighter, though Daley got his own takedown and landed a few solid lefts.

In the second round, Misaki hurt Daley with a knee to the body and a big left, and then scored a takedown. Daley got back up and got the better of a brief exchange. Daley took Misaki’s back, but Misaki reversed it and initiated some ground and pound. The ref, however, stood them up with 10 seconds left. A light exchange ended the round.

The third round started with an aggressive Misaki countering Daley’s strikes before Daley scored a double leg takedown. While on the ground, Daley opened a huge cut above Misaki’s left eye with e left elbow. With blood all over his upper body, the ref called time for the doctor to look at what appeared to be a wide open four-inch gash. The fight continued as the crowd cheered like crazy, with Misaki pressing Daley and an ensuing great exchange against the cage as Daley began to show signs of being gassed. Misaki literally stalked Daley, throwing a flying knee, walking through a few punches and defending a takedown attempt. As the round ended, Misaki threw a flurry of punches while Daley tried a meager takedown attempt.

Misaki won by split decision.

Thompson vs. Noons

With this fight being a co-main event, you’d expect much more than it delivered. This was one of the worst fights of its level that I’ve ever witnessed. Even the winner Josh Thompson admitted, “The fight was shit.”

Thompson won a unanimous decision while earning an $80,000.00 flat fee for this “shit” fight, The highest for the evening.

Tate vs. Rousey

Rousey, despite her callousness after the fight toward Tate’s injuries, is a world class MMA fighter and has all the ingredients to become a star. I would hope in the future, Rousey will learn you can be competitive and not like your opponent, but still show class. Showing concern about her opponent’s welfare is not weakness, and would go very far in propelling her to stardom in the future.

Tate, now the former champ, obviously did not have the best game plan. Instead of going toe to toe and striking, which is Rousey’s weakness, she seemed hell-bent on taking the fight to the ground. You have to commend Tate for having confidence in her own grappling, and pressing an Olympic Judo Champion. Tate has nothing to be ashamed of. It will be interesting to see how Miesha Tate rebounds from this. I have confidence we will see a better, more prepared Tate in the future.

The first round began, and Tate came out swinging. Rousey eventually took Tate down and executed an early armbar, which looked to dislocate Tate’s elbow. Tate showed her poise and athleticism, and miraculously escaped to top position, delivering a few strikes.

On their feet, Tate continued to press Rousey. Strikes were thrown by each, with not much landing. Tate scored a takedown and got Rousey’s back with no real damage done. The fighters took to their feet again before Rousey hip-tossed Tate, moving into a mount that morphed into a devastating armbar to end the fight at 4:27 in the first round.

Miesha mistakenly closing the distance

After the fight, when questioned about Miesha Tate’s arm, Ronda Rousey stated, “I don’t feel that bad about it,” showing no concern for a worthy opponent. Miesha Tate, on the other hand, showed true professionalism and class by giving props to Rousey despite hearing such trash talk.


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