Product Review: Old Spice Hardest Working Collection


Nobody beats Old Spice when it comes to weirdness, or the most powerful anti-perspirants and body washes in the world.

You loved “Mom Song.” You loved that time we interviewed Terry Crews and Isaiah Mustafa about picking up hot babes. You begged for more after Dikembe Mutombo told us how he teamed up with Old Spice to defend us from a deadly Mayan prophecy. And look – we’re still alive.

For as cool as all that was, Old Spice is back with Bob Giovanni, the self proclaimed “King of Products.” The patron saint of the new Old Spice Hardest Working Collection wants you to #smellegendary. Give this video a sniff:

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EvolutionMan grooming products review

We recenlty received some EvolutionMan product and need to tell you first and foremost this is good stuff! The first product we tested was the EvolutionMan Wash and Buff which is a daily exfoliator powered by non-irritating microbeads. Basically this stuff deep cleans your face and fights blemishes and ingrown hairs. The scent is refreshing and really gives your face a clean and comfortable feel. Next up was the EvolutionMan Cleanse and Shave which I found to be a very effective shave lotion. It soften my beard and produced a very close shave that was tight and even. Before I headed out the door on cold winter days I applied EvolutionMan Lip Balm and I must say it kept my lips moist and protected from drying out in freezing winter weather.

Prices are what you would expect for above average products and I always say it’s hard to put a price on looking and feeling your best! Purchase products directly from the website.


Review: Frederick Benjamin Grooming Products

We recently received product from Frederick Benjamin Grooming and we were happy to give them a look. What came to us was a very nice package containing Shampoo, Conditioner and Daily Hydrator. The sleek white bottles with orange and silver accents had upscale looks and I was looking forward to using these three products.

The Frederick Benjamin Shampoo had a refreshing scent and was very thick so no need to overdue the amount needed. The company states that the shampoo is an invigorating cleanser that rinses excess oil, tingles the scalp and unclogs pores. Again, the scent smells so good I would buy it just for that alone! Moving next to the Frederick Benjamin Conditioner that is also an invigorating moisturizer and it worked well into my hair. The conditoner does well to combat dry scalp and hair and left my hair looking damn good and feeling plenty soft according to my bride! I then took it one more step and applied the Frederick Benjamin Daily Hydrator which you leave in and I did just that. The Hydrator added texture to mair hair and was grease free which is a must for my hair.

Overall the Frederick Benjamin hair products we reviewed were all very well received here at and and at aorund $12 each they are priced better than other salon preferred hair products.


Review: 100 percent natural Rocky Mountain Soap

We recently received a package of products from RockyMountainSoap and were anxious to try out these 100% all natural items. When I first opened the package from RockyMountainSoap the great natural scent jumped out and really made alot of the house smell good (maybe they should look at candles or room deodorizers as well?). Needless to say, before trying out any of the men’s products they sent over, they made a good first impression.

I started with the shave bar. I must say, it was the first time I shaved without starting with some type of cream. The bar makes a rich lather that is unscented and really gave me a smooth shave with no complaints. It was something new and I liked the way the shave bar worked. Next I tried the Men’s Body Wash, which has a guys scent for certain, and helped wake me up with the clary sage oil, coconut oil, and lemon essential oil. Together the make up of the men’s body wash left me feeling clean and refreshed to go out and tackle the world! I’m feeling good at this time and decided to make a RockyMountainSoap day so I applied the Men’s Stuff Deodorant, which also gets to the point and flat out works. The Deodorant is made of natural crystal and had me feeling dry, confident and odor free all day long!

The next few products I tried were in some ways new and also very diffucult to keep away from my bride! I am one to use lotion after exiting the shower so when I tried the Men’s Hand Butter, I wasn’t expecting much, but the way it moisturizes you hands is very effective (I already knew it worked because my bride told me so!). Next was something I have never used but my bride (she’s a babe by the way!) assured me she has never seen anything work that good on her feet and she was using it daily. She told me to try it to see what I thought. The Men’s Foot Butter, my goodness, I can see why it’s RockyMountainSoaps #1 product! My feet don’t get overly dry but this product made them feel like the dryness was gone for good. If you suffer from dry and cracked skin on your feet and especially if you spend hours a day on your feet at work , home or in the gym try this stuff now! You can read all about the all natural products that offers and what makes a great product better and healthier for yourself. When you go purchase on their website and check prices and you’ll see RockyMountainSoap priced their products very competively.

There are a few more products I want to test and when I’ve had the chance I’ll give everyone the low down on those as well. In the meantime, if you are shopping for yourself or for the lady in your life remember, has plenty of products for both men and women.


Axe “Guys and Girls” study shows the importance of good grooming

Most of us guys think we know it all when it comes to grooming and women. Wrong! There is no better way to learn about both subjects than a real live study. Good thing our friends at AXE are on the ball and these results are worth noting.

This AXE study was conducted with Guys and Girls at six major U.S. colleges and universities to learn what they thought about male grooming. In this study 261 guys were asked to shower with bar soap for one week and with AXE shower gel and the AXE detailer shower tool for one week (for all of you guys out there that don’t use AXE don’t get too nervous as no permanent damage is done just yet!).

Here are some of the results for all of the inquiring minds out there:

* 66% of girls surveyed felt that a guy who put more effort into their personal hygiene was sexy.

* A shower a day makes the girls want to play! 75% of the girls said they would only date a guy who showered daily.

* 81% of the girls said they’d be more willing to shower at a guys apartment if he had AXE Shower Gel in his shower (and not bar soap only). I can just see sales of AXE going gangbusters right now…..

* 90% of guys said they smelled better after using AXE Shower Gel.

* 88% of guys felt more confident in high pressure situations including presentations after showering with AXE.

* (This is the big one) While using AXE Shower Gel and the AXE Detailer Shower tool, guys were seven times more likely to hook up than guys who used bar soap alone.