Proper food habits on the dinner table – Don’t mess up while wearing a suit


One of the main reasons behind men going out and purchasing suits is to look good and dress in the perfect manner for special occasions. Formal dinners are definitely one of the best occasions for which you might dream of looking the best in your tailored suits. Now the fact is that you might look great by choosing the best suit but at the same time you also have to remain watchful about acting properly and observing the well-known etiquette rules on your dining table. Wearing a suit and not knowing how to behave on the dining table while having your food is indeed a shameful thing for all men. The concerns of this article will deal with some behavorial mannerisms that you should follow when you’re in your best suit of the evening.

1. Tuck the tie or toss it: If you’re in an outfit that calls for a bowtie, then you’re off the danger. However, on the other hand, if you plan to wear a necktie, anything that your mouth misses will be caught by the beautiful tie that is hanging around your neck. If you are keen on decorating your tie, you can let it lose and if you aren’t, you may either tuck it in between the fourth and fifth buttons of your shirt or you can sling it around the other shoulder to keep it out of danger. The latter step is usually taken by those who are overly conscious about their dress.

2. Roll up your sleeves: Although this is something that is not at all required, you can still properly roll up your sleeves in order to prevent any food from dripping onto your sleeves. Just one or two rolls are sufficient to keep your cuffs from the way of harm that may be caused due to food spilling over.

3. Jacket is not required: Is the cocktail hour done? If yes, then you have perhaps done up with mingling. During this time, it is acceptable to take off your jacket and hang it at the back of the chair before sitting down on the dining chairs. This will give you more freedom to move around and will also reduce the risk of food spilling on your tailor made suits.

4. Open up your lap napkin: Apart from the men’s suits, if you also want to keep your pants spotless, make sure you place the napkin right on your lap. This is one of the best etiquette manners one should follow, especially when he is wearing a men’s suit for dinner. This tip is mostly forgotten by most gentlemen but if you want to keep your suit clean, don’t forget.

Therefore, when you plan to dress up in your best suit for a professional dinner invitation; keep the above mentioned table manners in mind. Dress like a gentleman and also act like one so that all eyes are set on you and no one else.


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Men: Don’t Even Think About Getting These Valentine’s Day Gifts

Choosing the right gift for your wife can be a challenge if you’re not looking in the right place. But this doesn’t mean you settle down for anything. Valentine’s Day is special and your gift should be special. Here are a few gifts that you should avoid giving to your wife…

1. Stale Candy: Yes, candy is a big part of Valentine’s Day and it’s a common gift. However, if you’re going to give it, do it properly. It’s a bad idea to give a box with missing pieces, and a few other cracked open. You should always, always ensure that the candy you’re giving is new, fresh and tasty. Also, don’t forget to add flowers with the candy. You’ll find a good selection of flowers online to choose from.

2. Cheap Dinner: Valentine’s Day is when your woman expects you to treat her extra special. She wants you to take out in the best possible way, which is why dinner on cheap is a bad idea to start with. You can definitely put that change you found under the sofa to a better use. But for dinner, make sure you treat her royally.

3. A Virtual Gift: Yes virtual gifts are all rage and happening. People give them to each other all the time. But a virtual gift for Valentine’s Day? It’s a strict no-no! Whether you buy a picture of a lava lamp, or a graphical heart – the point is that virtual gifts don’t work for Valentine’s Day. Period.

4. A Stuffed Animal: Women expect you to buy them gifts that are especially bought for them. So when it comes to expressing your love to your woman, keep away from stuffed animals. Your wife is an adult and she has no use of a stuffed animal. The solution is to avoid giving any stuffed animals and instead focus on donating to a local charity as it makes for a thoughtful gift.

5. Racy Sleepwear: When you buy lingerie for your wife, you know it yourself that it’s a gift that’s more for you than her. It’s just another excuse to gift your woman some racy sleepwear. Valentine’s Day is is an occasion couples feel happy and want to remain together. It’s not a day to ask your partner to put on some lingerie so that she feels sexy.

6. A Local Gym Membership: Do not make the mistake of using Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to suggest your Valentine that she can lose a few pounds. That’s right – women are highly self-conscious about their weight and you gifting a gym membership will only make it worse.

There you go! Six gifts that you should stay away from on Valentine’s Day if you want to make the most out of it.