AutoWeek launches

When I first heard that AutoWeek was launching I was a little confused. I’m not a huge car buff, but I know Auto Week, and I know Auto Week’s readers aren’t the type that would cruise a shopping guide before heading out to purchase a vehicle. Gearheads read Auto Week. Horsepower junkies. Industry enthusiasts. The people reading Auto Week are the people I would go to if I were in the market for a new car, which makes it pretty clear that the site isn’t for them.

The site is for people like me, and it spawned from exactly the kinds of conversations Auto Week editors were having with friends and family about buying a car. I spoke with Wes Raynal, an Auto Week editor who has been with the magazine’s parent company, Crain Communications, since 1989. Raynal said working for Auto Week made him a target at family gatherings and barbecues for one question: what car should I buy? As anyone who has purchased a car knows, that just isn’t an easy question to answer, particularly when the person asking the question expects expert advice.

In order to avoid hour-long answers to that very question, Raynal and the editorial staff decided to compile their collective knowledge online. “It’s the friend over the fence in the backyard dispensing car shopping advice as best we know how,” Raynal said. That’s right, Auto Week wants to be the Wilson to your Tim Taylor. They have the sage advice necessary for the job, too. Search for any car on and you’ll find the usual data – trim packages, features, price comparisons – but you’ll also get all of Auto Week’s editorial content for the vehicle.

That’s the big difference between and her competitors: the editorial content. Most car shopping sites tend to be data focused, delivering just trim packages, feature lists, and occasionally averaging reviews from around the web. Users take that data and present it to friends who know what they’re talking about to make an informed decision. Read the rest of this entry »


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Hanging out with AutoWeek at the New York Auto Show

We recently attended the New York Auto Show as guests of AutoWeek and had a great time. AutoWeek’s Wes Raynal gave us a tour of the show, and we were joined by John Raho, one of AutoWeek’s readers. Having an expert like Wes on the tour along with a knowledgeable car buff like John made the experience very fun and informative.

These are exciting times in the auto industry, as all of the major brands, including the U.S. automakers, are putting out excellent products. Check out our car channel for new car reviews every week. Also, if you’re a car enthusiast, check out the reviews and other car features at AutoWeek as well.


Sights at the New York Auto Show

We just returned from the New York Auto Show where we had the opportunity to tour the new cars with Wes Raynal from AutoWeek and one of their readers. It was very entertaining and enlightening as Wes was very knowledgeable and shared his insights on the new vehicles and trends in the industry.

Along with the new cars, we also discovered some beautiful eye candy along with way as well. We didn’t get as many photos as we got at the LA Auto Show, but we think you’ll like the slideshow we put together.

As usual, the gang from Chrysler led the way with beautiful models helping out with all the brands. The first model above was very tall and had an exotic look while sporting a very short skirt. The gang at Jeep took a very different approach as the model featuring the Call of Duty Wrangler sported camo pants to go with the outdoor theme. Ford didn’t want to be left out so you’ll see the beautiful blonde in the sexy boots above, and Fiat always finds tall, elegant models to highlight their stylish brand.

The show didn’t make a ton of news, though we liked the new Beetle and were mostly impressed with the lineups from automakers. It’s particularly nice to see the American car companies have their act together after years of struggles. Stay tuned for some video from AutoWeek to be released soon covering our tour of the show.