Bullz-Eye video interview with Adam Carolla


This week is Car Week, presented by Edmunds.com. We spoke to the ultimate gearhead, Adam Carolla, the former host of Love Lines and The Man Show, and current host of the most downloaded podcast in the history of the world, The Adam Carolla Show.

In the video below, we spoke to Adam about being a lonely man in a hotel room, his self-anointed middle name (Lakers) and Car Week, sponsored by Edmunds.com.

Check out this video of Carolla helping some unsuspecting Edmunds.com customers:

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How to Approach a Hot Babe: An interview with Melissa McCarty


A hot babe can turn into a damsel in distress at a moment’s notice. On the way to a private screening of the newest X-Men movie, Melissa McCarty’s luxury automobile broke down. In true Hot Babe fashion, she ditched her vehicle and went to the premiere.

Originally an award-winning broadcast journalist for KCBS in Los Angeles, she has had roles in television shows like RevengeChuck, Lie to Me, Big Love, and The Middlemen. McCarty currently hosts the show Newsbreaker on Larry King’s Ora TV.

I spoke to Melissa the day after her harrowing car incident, as she borrowed some “Jane Fonda” clothes from a friend while she waited to meet with the tow truck driver.


How did the book, “News Girls Don’t Cry,” come to be? 

“It took five years to write, because I was writing it around doing stories about other people for the news. So I would do that and come home and try to spend an hour or two writing. But it got to a point where there was so much on my mind, it took me longer than I anticipated. But having a brother with mental illness, I knew it was something I had to share. And we’re talking about serious mental illness; it would take him hours to prep for and then leave the house. It’s really a book about loving someone with mental illness and addiction. And I think it’s very motivating as well. The book is about being strong for yourself and for your family.”

How do you keep your thoughts straight during a high pressure live report?

“I’ve learned to control my emotions really well. You have to learn how to control it. Imagine if I gave into a heckler on live TV — it would be the end of my career. But, it’s bigger than me, bigger than myself. If you make a mistake, you lose your job.

What’s the most annoying thing about being a Hot Babe day-to-day?

“Disingenuous guys. I cannot stand the “bigger/better” syndrome. Instead of being with one girl, they have to have their hands in every pot, just to see, self-gratification mindset. That annoys me. They can’t just go fully in on one person; they have to spread the seed.”

Melissa-McCarty (2)

How often do you get approached by Donald Sterling types, i.e. sleazy old rich dudes?

“Often. Uh, often. Often. That’s never been my thing. Billionaires have approached like, “If you were with me this is what I’d get you, this is how your life will be.” But I’ve got a career. I’m not struggling financially so I don’t date for financial security.”

If I’m going to approach you for conversation, what do I have to have? Killer abs? An expensive watch? All of my teeth? What does it take?

“If you approach me with humor and wit, if you can say something funny or witty or bold, that’s got my attention. Then, Paul, because I’m 5-9, about six feet in heels, I look at height. But the number one thing I look at is eyes.

What does it take to get your phone number?

“Jokes are a risk. You have to be witty. Play off my surroundings, get me to respond in a happy way. Don’t do the expected, “So what do you do?” If you ask me what I do, it will turn me off immediately. If you ask me how old I am or what I do for a living in the first five minutes, I’m out.”

OK, this is the rapid fire round. Tell me the first thing that comes to mind. Does a guy have to have all his hair?

“Doesn’t matter. What stands out for me is that there is something about a guy physically that makes him unique. The way they carry themselves, swag and wit.”

Do guys overrate how much women value their abs?

“Yes, but guys have to be fit. But most women prefer some extra cushion.”

Chest hair: yay or nay?”

“Either way, I’m good. No hairy monster though!”

Soul patch?


Damn it. Neck tattoo?

“If it doesn’t affect your professional aspirations, no problem.”

Read more about Melissa’s book “News Girls Don’t Cry” by following this link. Visit her personal website here. To try to impress her with your sense of wit, reach out to her on Twitter.


Luke Kuechly talks Old Spice, arm wrestling Brian Urlacher and tackling Marshawn Lynch


Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly is the kind of impact player that NFL teams envision when they select a player in the top ten of the NFL Draft. Selected ninth overall in the 2012 NFL Draft, he was named Defensive Rookie of the Year that season and NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 2013.

What can he do for an encore in year three? Kuechly’s eyes are set on the Super Bowl. Kuechly’s old-school physical style and “Smelf-confidence” lends itself perfectly to a partnership with old-school icon Old Spice.

Talk about the partnership with Old Spice.

“I partnered up with them to talk about the hair product that came out earlier this year. There’s shampoos, conditioners, different gels. The biggest thing behind them is the simplicity to use the product. You can use it real quick and don’t have to take a whole lot of time. We use it quite a bit in the locker room. I passed it out to some of the linebackers and everybody is loving it right now.”

At every level you’ve played, you’ve been a tackling machine. How do you account for this? What do you do differently?

“I’ve always had a great group of guys around me. At Boston College, Bill McGovern (former DC) did a great job and he is the reason why I developed in college. And when I got to Carolina, I had some older guys around like Jon Beason [and] Thomas Davis that taught me a lot, and I learned what it takes to be successful. So I owe a lot to those guys for the success I’m having today.”

What makes the Panthers defense so physical? Every defense in the league tries to be what you guys are. What’s the secret?

“I think it’s a mindest. To play physical and establish the line of scrimmage and make physical tackles and force turnovers. We’ve had a couple meetings in OTA’s this year and that has been the message; to be a physical team, to push guys back and make plays… Our coaches preach being one of 11 for the defense. Do your job, take care of your responsibility on each play and try not to do too much. If each guy does his job and does it correctly, that’s 11 guys doing the same thing and that puts you in a position to win games.”

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Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo and Old Spice working to end “overspraying epidemic”

Jerod-Mayo-Old-Spice (2)

There’s a war going on that you may not even know about. We hear a lot about world events like missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, Syria and the Middle East. But one thing we don’t hear about is the overspraying epidemic that has afflicted over 75% of guys.

Patriots All-Pro linebacker Jerod Mayo and Old Spice have teamed up to teach men how to scent responsibly and stop this epidemic the way Mayo stopped Ravens tight end Dennis Pitta in the 2013 AFC Championship.

“I’m actually on my way now to educate young guys at Boston University to teach them how to scent responsibly,” said Mayo, concern evident in his voice.

“They know how to drive responsibly, and do other things responsibly. It’s all about scenting responsibly in 2014. I’m very excited to help end the overspraying epidemic that’s happening now.”

One reason the problem has reached epidemic levels is ignorance; 68% of guys admit that no one had ever showed them how to apply body spray properly.

The first step is acceptance — realizing that you have an overspraying problem and then taking the necessary steps to move forward.

Mayo, Captain of the Patriots defense, is here to call out your defensive spray audible.

“There’s some rules you have to abide by. First off, it starts with a shower. You have to take a shower with your Old Spice gel. That helps gets the pores open so you can put on the Old Spice Refresh Body Spray. But the thing about Refresh is that you don’t need too much of it.”

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The Light from the TV Shows: Chatting with the Cast of WGN’s ‘Salem’

For years, WGN has been a network that’s gotten precious little notice from most cable subscribers outside of Chicago, but in recent years, they’ve been trying to expand their viewership through moves like, for instance, serving as the exclusive U.S. home of the long-running Canadian comedy, Corner Gas. Unfortunately, that didn’t turn out to be the ratings-grabber that they’d hoped it might be, but things are on the upswing now that the network has branched out and begun their own original programming, kicking off their new roster with the supernatural period-piece drama Salem.

Bullz-Eye was invited to visit the set a few weeks back, and we were amazed at how well they’ve captured the look and feel of the era, but we were a little bit thrown when we discovered that our interview ops with the cast members were to be done on camera…even if we weren’t going to be using the footage! Still, we had four very nice chats during the course of the day, each featuring two cast members, and we got a bit of insight into how each of them came to join the series, who their characters are, and what we can expect from Salem as the series rolls through its first season.


Xander Berkeley and Tamzin Merchant

Bullz-Eye: Had you both been actively looking for series work when this came about?

Xander Berkeley: Serious work or series work? [Laughs.]

Tamzin Merchant: I’m always constantly looking for work wherever! I’m always surprised if anyone wants to cast me in something. [Laughs.] I’m always, like, “Really? Okay! Cool! I’ll do it!”

BE: What was it about this particular project that appealed to you?

TM: That they wanted to hire me. [Laughs.] No, I’m joking. I just loved the script, and I loved the world. I loved that the magic meets history, and…it’s been really cool for that reason.

BE: Xander, you actually had some hesitations about signing onto the series at first.

XB: Well, you know, partly because I have a family, and it’s a long way away, so I was a little concerned on that front. My wife (Sarah Clarke) acts and works a lot, and there were certain projects that were pending for her, and we can’t both be away. So those were the only real concerns. The script was spellbinding from day one, and the project is awesome. I’m so glad to be part of it.

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