Real World: Indianapolis – Behind the scenes at the 100th Indy 500

2016 indy 500

Eight strangers picked to live in two Airbnb houses: One, “The Cool House.” And the second, “The Misery House,” loaded with enough crucifixes to make Kathy Bates blush. What happens when people stop being polite and start getting real? The Real World: Indianapolis.

Thanks to #InsideIndy access via Verizon, Bullz-Eye is on location at “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing” so YOU don’t have to be. And if you were assigned the second Airbnb house, like our colleagues from Busted Coverage and Coed, a couch in The Cool House would look really good to you, really fast.

Which one would you rather stay in?

Cool House

cool house


Misery House


But that’s not the point. The point is the Indy 500 and the amazing #InsideIndy experiences that define this trip.

Day One:

Lunch with Legends

indycar lunch with legends

What happens when you mix the top of the IMS pagoda with three-time Indy 500 winner Dario Frachitti, four-time Indy winner Rick Mears and 1963 champ Parnelli Jones? Some of the best stories you’ve never heard in your life.

Dario Franchitti Interview


The most handsome man in IndyCar said this: “The first time I came to America and saw this track, I thought, driving in a circle, it would be easy. It’s the most difficult track in the world.”

Rick Mears Interview 


Rick Mears told me yesterday about the time he broke both feet in an accident” “It hurt like hell, but I looked down after the wreck and knew if they were still there, I could heal them and race again.” Insane.

Mario Andretti IndyCar Ride

I have never exceeded 200-plus MPH in a car. But I’m glad when I did, it was the gentle hand of racing icon Mario Andretti that ushered me into manhood. But before I could, Colts QB Andrew Luck showed up and cut the line.

Andrea Feczko took a ride with Mario Andretti and this is what she looked like immediately after removing her helmet…


… While we looked more like members of an Indiana Taliban sect.


We even saw Daft Punk there:

Join us for Day Two when we race three-time Indy 500 champ Helio Castroneves in a game of remote control cars, go to media day and eat hand-tossed pizzas Mario Andretti made for us. By hand.