Adding a touch of style to your home

Your home should be a place where you feel comfortable, resting in comfort and preparing for daily life in comfort. Yet physical comfort alone is not good enough; true comfort only comes into play when you add a feel-good factor, a stylish tone to your home. The good news is that it does not take a whole lot of effort to turn a comfortable but bland house into a very stylish place to live. Follow these six ideas to create a more stylish and supremely comfortable living space.

1. Paint a ceiling

It is the cheapest and easiest way of freshening up a room, but it’s also the most often ignored. Walk into most homes and you are confronted with the ceiling in every room painted a pristine white. It may be an effective color, but it is not a stylish color and it’s very easy to change. Paint is the cheapest and most transformative change you can make to a room. A bathroom ceiling painted a bright green or deep blue will immediately change the feel of it, while a bedroom with a darker shade for the ceiling can add a warming depth to your night’s rest.

2. Decorate a room with wall art

Wall art straddles the line between classy and kitsch, but with the right approach and careful selection, wall art is one of the most cost effective ways to add a big whack of style to a room at very minimal cost. It is increasingly popular – and stylish – to cover one wall in a room with a modern and classy photographic image. This instantly adds a layer of interest and drama to what could otherwise be a very boring room. For a touch of exclusivity, you could opt for a limited edition, custom designed print.

3. Enhance the front of your home

It is not uncommon for home owners to ignore the exteriors of their dwellings, assuming that it is only the interior that they live in and experience through the day that matters. This is a mistake. The effort you put into your home sets the tone and mood for your stay. Task yourself with cheering up your home’s entrance: paint your door a bright color, add a cheerful welcome mat or make some effort to landscape your front garden. Whether it’s porch plants that need occasional watering or a collection of cacti neatly arranged among classy stones, your front garden could be stylish and low maintenance.

4. Install window shutters

It’s an old time classic for a good reason: window shutters add an impressive dash of style to any room in your home. They are practical as well, far cleaner to use and easier to maintain than fabric window coverings, while keeping both unwanted sunlight and noise out of a room. Depending on your room, a full solid shaker would be ideal to shut out light or you may prefer café style shutters if you’re only looking to attain privacy toward the bottom half of your window.

5. Dot floor lamps around your home

Kitchen and bathroom aside, floor lamps can add an enormous amount of charm to a room. Overhead lighting is the default approach to lighting a room, but though very effective, it is by no means the most aesthetically pleasing solution. Light from above casts cold shadows, while light from lamps at shoulder height have a much more even and warm effect on a room. Floor lamps also have the benefit of lighting up only the parts of the room that need it. They are also very useful for reading or simply taking the edge off movie night.

6. Tidy up electrical cabling

It’s perhaps not so much in the interest of introducing style than removing an obstacle, but loose wires will quickly remove any sense of charm a room has. We all live in a world that makes increasing use of electrical equipment, and though some of it communicates wirelessly, all electrical equipment requires a physical power connection. Tidying up the clutter of cables is a fast and almost cost-free way of increasing the stylistic appeal of your home.

Stylish living is about the details

You’ll be glad to know that creating a stylish living space is not about the amount of money you have available to spend. Rather, it is about attention to detail and thinking twice about what you incorporate into your home. There is a lot that you can do with a small budget and a little creative thinking; often it is one or two distinct but small elements which tips a room from being mundane into a space brimming with style.