Powering Your Home with Propane: Summertime Benefits

If you want to keep your energy costs low and carbon footprint small, consider powering your home with propane. You will be joining over 12 million households who use propane as their fuel source and enjoy the many perks of using this type of energy. Propane is environmentally friendly, it reduces energy costs, and it’s safe and reliable. Propane powers home and water heating systems, cooking units and outdoor appliances. Most people also like that a propane generator takes less than 10 seconds to turn on, while an electric power outage can last hours or sometimes days.

Besides safety and reliability, propane tanks are also affordable and convenient. Propane-powered appliances can cost 20 percent less than its electric counterparts on your energy bills. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to transition, either. Gas appliances can easily be switched to propane by making small changes to the fuel supply. Propane also lasts indefinitely, so you never have to worry about wasting any because you didn’t use it in time.

While most people assume traditional electric or gas is the safest or most reliable, propane is competitive, if not safer and more reliable than its counterparts. You will also see a savings on your monthly energy bill by making the easy switch over to propane for many of your household and outdoor appliances. If you’re considering switching, check out more information from the infographic below, originally syndicated on Griffith Energy Services.