Tips for Buying an Elliptical Machine: Strategies for Smart Shoppers


Having the ability to exercise at home is a great way to end excuses and motive yourself into finding, and sticking with, a routine that will help you live a healthier life. An elliptical machine can help you do just that.

Elliptical machines provide a fun, easy, low-impact workout that will get your heart pumping and your sweat going, all without having to get in the car and fight traffic all the way to the gym. There are a lot of different machines out there, so what should you look for and how do you find the right one for you? Here are a few pointers that will make sure you get the right machine at the right price.

Start Online

When you’re ready to purchase an elliptical machine, don’t just rush out to the nearest sporting goods store and pick one. You should do your research first on the internet. A simple search will give you a ton of models, options and even elliptical reviews that will allow you to choose the right one with confidence.

You should also visit different manufacturer’s websites and even check out their social media pages to see what messages customers leave. This will give you real-world insight into the durability of the machine and options that people like or could do without.

This is also a great time to think about price. There are many ellipticals out there and they range greatly in price. Settle on a budget and search online for what you can get for you money. If it’s too much, then you can reduce your price range, and if it’s not enough, you may need to increase the amount you are willing to spend. During your internet searches, pay attention to the costs so you know what to expect.

Find the Right Store

Although it is possible to purchase an elliptical machine online, you will probably want to buy it from a store. Because of the weight and size of the machine, you are likely to pay a lot of cash in order to get it shipped to you. Use the internet to find a few you like and then buy them at a store.

Make sure to find a store that specializes in exercise equipment. This can be a big-box sporting goods store or a local business; either one is fine as long they have people who know what they are talking about if you have any questions. Don’t buy one from a pawn shop or a classified ad unless you know exactly what you want. Even then, you may not get what you pay for.

Test a Few Out

Never, ever buy a large piece of exercise equipment without first trying it out. Even though they may all look the same to the average person, each machine will have its own feel and options that separate them from the others.

Make sure that the tracks move smoothly when you use it. Listen for odd sounds like grinding or high-pitched noises – these can indicate that the tracks are off and may need repaired. Different machines also have different “stride lengths” (how far the track moves forward before circling back), so make sure you are comfortable; too long or too short will result in an inefficient workout or, even worse, an injury.

There are plenty of high-end options as well, like built-in monitors that track your progress and even some that allow you to watch television. These are all great things to have, but the main thing you should focus on is the feel of the machine and how you like using it. All the bells and whistles are just extra!

Find Your Routine

Once you get your elliptical home, its time to put it to use. If you don’t exercise often or are overweight, you should start out slowly to avoid fatigue or injury. Even though an elliptical looks kind of tame, they can really get your heart rate up.

Simply start with a routine that is 15 to 20 minutes long, five days a week. This will get you comfortable with the machine, but it will also get you in the habit of exercising without growing tired of it. If you only use it once or twice a week, you run the risk of eventually giving up, so make sure that you use it at least four times. After that, you can find more routines so you don’t get bored.

Find the elliptical machine that works for you and start exercising.

Dominic Hancock has worked as a personal fitness trainer ever since graduating, knowing from a young age that he wanted to work in sports or fitness. He writes about exercise and weight loss, the equipment right for you and more.