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Old Spice and Tough Mudder want you to go crazy in Vegas

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I ran a Tough Mudder this year and it was the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. Except for that one time I was married. The Mudder was legitimately the most challenging physical experience I’ve ever had.

But for as challenging an event as a Tough Mudder is, don’t be afraid that you can’t compete if you don’t have rippling six-pack abs. A Tough Mudder is as much of a celebration of camaraderie and meeting new people as it is a physical test, and everyone is there to have each other’s back and finish the course. Think of it as a team of friends that you have at the course that you just haven’t met yet. Like that one time you met a “woman” on Craigslist at that place you had never been and will never go back to again.

Speaking of friends, now Old Spice wants you and the friends that you already have to try it as a group and prove you are the best.

Do you have a #LegendaryTeam akin to the 1972 Miami Dolphins, 1996 Chicago Bulls or the 1927 New York Yankees?

You and your squad could meet these dudes:

So what is a Tough Mudder? A 10-mile obstacle course that consists of 20 separate obstacles, the entirety of which was devised to test mental, as well as physical, strength.

From now through August 17th, submit a picture of you and your friends and describe why your team is legendary on Instagram or Twitter using #LegendaryTeam. You and three friends could win an Old Spice-powered, all-expenses paid trip to the Tough Mudder in Las Vegas from October 29-30.

After you’ve submitted a picture, visit between August 18-25 to vote for your favorites and you might come away with prizes from Tough Mudder and Old Spice, including the new Hardest Working Collection, the most powerful Old Spice anti-perspirants and body washes in the world.

We tried the Hardest Working Collection and loved it. But not as much as we loved new pitchman Bob Giovanni. Bob won’t be on-site to encourage you, but Old Spice will.

Old Spice’s Tough Mudder presence on-site includes sponsorship of the iconic Mud Mile 2.0 and popular Pop & Lock obstacles, post-event rinse stations and changing areas, plus Hardest Working Collection and Old Spice Hair product distributed to participants at all U.S. 2016 events.

Don’t just gaze into your phone and mindlessly peruse Facebook like you always do – snap a pic with your team of brosephs and share it on Instagram and Twitter! Then, get as mindless as you want in Las Vegas.

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