It’s time to make moolah from your fitness obsession

women doing pilates

You’re a health fanatic. You wake up for a jog, having supped on your kale and avocado smoothie, bunk off work to head to the gym and preen in the mirror like Channing Tatum’s body double. And you’re not alone.

In the past decade, gym memberships have become more popular. Thousands of people sign up for these luxury private members clubs every week, ready to pump iron and down protein shakes with the best of them.

The craze could be more than a hobby for you – it could be the key to a great business opportunity.

With an increase in fitness fanatics comes a greater demand for personal trainers. Just imagine – you could turn your obsession into a viable career option!

But all this can’t be achieved without an effective plan of action. So how can you become a personal trainer without breaking a sweat?

Quality qualifications

You might think you know all there is to know about staying fit and keeping healthy. But when you get down to the nitty gritty, you’re largely in the dark about the world of personal training.

Fitness courses are available to teach you everything you need to know and, if you choose a top-notch provider, they come fully accredited.

The cream of these courses will teach you all about nutrition and fitness, but with a view to tailoring your courses to match various body types. After all, training isn’t about you – it’s about finding the best match for your customers.

YOU are your advertising

Would you take nutritional advice from Johnny Vegas? How about fitness lessons from Jabba the Hutt? Probably not, and with good reason – they don’t have any discernible talent for fitness.

This is exactly why most personal trainers match the hyper-fit beefcake mould of cliché. This is the style people expect. Customers demand a body they’ll aspire to, something you can persuade them to work towards.
It’s a curious industry – you are the very carrot that clients are racing towards, so make sure you’re an impressive specimen and you’ll accrue tons more customers.

Keep things fresh

Exercise routines are very much like fashion – trends come and go with the seasons.
If you’re a health fanatic, you’ve probably got preferred methods of staying fit. But you’ll inevitably run into some new-age, hippy-dippy clients set on trying some new form of exercising or some mad concoction of vague substances they claim is a health drink.

Don’t be snooty about their choices. Provided what they’re trying isn’t dangerous, the motivation their discoveries will foster could push them forward, so incorporate their findings into your exercise plan.