How to Improve Fitness Progress with Universal Athletic Testing


A lot of athletes hit a “plateau” in their training efforts where it becomes difficult to advance any further. Making progress in fitness is all about measuring speed, strength, agility and other attributes by keeping a record of your achievements and capabilities along the way. Unfortunately, many athletes and fitness enthusiasts are failing to reach their full potential because they’re not keeping tally of where they’re at. Becoming a better athlete is all about setting performance goals and then training to meet those goals. The idea is to gradually advance as you meet new goals that become slightly more challenging each week or month, depending on how fast and aggressive your workout plan is. With that said, here are some tips that will help you utilize athletic testing to your advantage:

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Men: Get Buff Before Vacation

shirtless man working out with dumbell

It’s an awkward situation. You and your girlfriend or wife have set the date and place for your summer vacation. It should be exciting. What can be better than tanning in the sun with plenty of suntan lotion, taking long walks along the surf, and riding the bike trails?

Unfortunately, you didn’t take care of yourself during the long winter months. While she continued to go to the gym, you spent a little too much time in front of your computer at work. By the time you got home, you were too tired to do anything but unwind in front of the TV.

You can just see yourself now — skinny arms and legs and a big belly. You will feel self-conscious all day long in your swimsuit or casual wear. Meanwhile, your woman will look stunning in her bikini, tight outfits or bike shorts depending on the plan for the day. Talk about contrast!

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It’s time to make moolah from your fitness obsession

women doing pilates

You’re a health fanatic. You wake up for a jog, having supped on your kale and avocado smoothie, bunk off work to head to the gym and preen in the mirror like Channing Tatum’s body double. And you’re not alone.

In the past decade, gym memberships have become more popular. Thousands of people sign up for these luxury private members clubs every week, ready to pump iron and down protein shakes with the best of them.

The craze could be more than a hobby for you – it could be the key to a great business opportunity.

With an increase in fitness fanatics comes a greater demand for personal trainers. Just imagine – you could turn your obsession into a viable career option!

But all this can’t be achieved without an effective plan of action. So how can you become a personal trainer without breaking a sweat?

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What to Look for When Buying Fitness Equipment

two people working out in the gym

When it comes to maintaining good health, the importance of sticking to a proper fitness regimen simply cannot be overemphasized. Fitness plays a major role in overall health, and is just as important as diet in many ways. A proper fitness regimen will help you to:

• Maintain good health
• Look your best
• Lower your BMI

For a lot of people, getting to the gym on a regular basis can be next to impossible. Whether it be based upon motivation, scheduling, proximity or otherwise, there’s no getting around the fact that sticking to a proper gym regimen can be difficult. One of the best ways to bypass this issue is to set up fitness equipment within your own home.

When shopping for fitness equipment, there are a variety of things to look for before making a purchase. Since machines can be rather expensive, you’ll want to do a fair amount of research before throwing money towards anything. For best results, keep the following in mind when you set out on your search.

Shop Online

The main reason why many people feel as if home fitness equipment isn’t for them is because they don’t believe they can afford it. While these fears can sometimes be valid, there are plenty of ways to find machines that don’t cost a fortune. One thing to consider is buying exercise equipment online for a way cheaper price than in-store. The Internet has taken competition in the marketplace to an entirely new level, and there’s never been a better time for the consumer to jump on-board. Plus, there’s more variety to choose from online than you would ever find at a brick and mortar retail store; just another reason to browse the web.

Don’t Overshoot Your Needs

When you’re shopping for new fitness equipment, you should always strive to look for machines that feature only what you need out of them. The more amenities a piece of equipment features, the more expensive it is likely to be. This can be very beneficial to those who are extremely serious about their fitness goals, but it can be overkill for those who are simply looking to get fit. Instead, look primarily for machines that feature all the basics without any of the extra fluff. You’ll not only end up saving money, but you’ll probably save yourself from a fair amount of confusion and headaches as well.

Be Careful Buying Used

Used fitness equipment can truly be perfect for those who are on a tight budget, but this isn’t to say that it doesn’t sometimes come with issues. Fitness equipment tends to take a beating – cardiovascular machines are especially affected. If you buy used without knowing what you’re looking for, you may end up with a machine that is ready to break down as soon as you start working out on it. This is not only dangerous, but can result in an utter waste of money. Only attempt to buy used fitness equipment privately if you know exactly what you’re looking for an are well-versed on the finer points of different machines.

Fitness equipment can be vital in improving your health, and outfitting your home with a few machines doesn’t have to be as out of reach as it might seem.