Looking for an Interesting Way to Stay in Shape? Try Bubble Soccer

Many people play sports as a way to stay in shape. It is a good idea; you get to exercise your body in a way that feels like fun, not work. There are the traditional sports like basketball, baseball, football, and soccer, but what if you’re just not attracted to “regular” sports? Well, then maybe you are interested in something new, exciting, and a heck of a lot of fun; bubble soccer.

What is Bubble Soccer?

If you want a good chuckle, watch just a few seconds of a bubbleball soccer game, and then you will want to find out where you can join a local team. Comedians and TV hosts Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden started bubble soccer as a joke in Norway in 2011, since then it has evolved into so much more. It is brutal full contact sport that just might be the safest to play. After all, you are all wrapped up in a protective bubble. It provides quite a workout as well with the bubble itself weighing in at about twenty pounds. Add in the extra effort of running while inside the bubble and inevitably having to climb back onto your feet after a collision, and there is plenty of exercise in this game.

The game plays very similar to regular soccer except you are allowed to run into your opponent. In a sense, you might say you are encouraged to run into your opponents. Due to the limitations that the bubble puts on the players physically, the field is smaller than a standard soccer field. The smaller area requires a team of about six or seven players with no goalie. The time of play is shorter with approximately eight minute quarters.

Growth of the sport

The sport has become exceedingly popular in recent years.

A bubbleball supplier must adhere to certain standards to be used in official play. This is to make sure the bubbleballs are of good quality. The rules have also been standardized for continuity and safety. One such safety rule change was getting rid of the full charge that used to start most games. This was changed since most injuries obtained during the game were the result of this full out frontal assault.

Even if you do not have the time to devote to developing an association, you can put together a small team of your buddies and face off against each other. It is an excellent way to let off steam while fitting in regular exercise.

Other Uses

You can use the bubbleballs in a variety of different ways. It can be used as a bumper car like sport in your backyard, with no formal rules just fun. You can also adjust dodgeball to the bubbleball format, kick the ball at the opposing team instead of throwing it. Use your imagination.

It might seem silly, but this really is a sport. It is a sport that, due to the nature of the equipment, minimizes injury and increases the workout potential. Not to mention the entertainment value provided to the spectators at each game!