An ode to spring sports

Nothing goes hand in hand more than springtime and physical activity. Let’s get physical indeed, Olivia. To help prepare for all of the spring sports excitement, check out Old Spice’s King of Products, Bob Giovanni, as he takes on sweat and perspiration. Turbocharged!

After all, what’s so great about the great outdoors when you can just sit inside on your couch and work your body up to a nice sweaty lather while watching sports on your 8 million-inch, 40K TV? So much hi-def that your EYES MAY MELT!

After all, there’s also no sweeter smelling or more sweat inducing time for sports during the year than right now. Championships are being won on the hardwood, ice and golf greens.

Look at all these reasons to eschew your weekend task list:

– Did someone say “play ball?!” Baseball season is finally getting underway

– If it isn’t sticks and balls that you crave, racing season is in high gear, just getting up to full speed

– The culmination of men’s and women’s college basketball tournaments

– The start of professional basketball playoffs

– Pro football drafts the stars of tomorrow

– College hockey crowns its champ

After all these sports, you’re going to need to spend time with your special lady to balance out that masculinity that you’re oozing thanks to non-stop bro-fests. But before you do, be sure to get your scent game tight with Old Spice’s Hardest Working Collection.

The Hardest Working Collection is Old Spice’s highest performing anti-perspirant and body wash line-up for guys that demand more from their grooming products, including college basketball players and their legions of fans.

As part of the Hardest Working Collection, Old Spice Sweat Defense anti-perspirant/deodorant is Old Spice’s ‘gold standard’ delivering “stronger and longer sweat protection” for all-day dryness. OSSD (“yeah you know me”) delivers a 66 percent sweat reduction and is turbocharged with Old Spice’s proprietary BCD technology to trap and lock away bad odors as they occur while releasing fresh, manly scent in its place. You are a man after all – and don’t apologize for it.

Old Spice Sweat Defense is available in new Steel Courage scent, as well as popular scents Lasting Legend, Bolder Bearglove, Fresher Fiji and Pure Sport Plus. Turn Spring into Sprung with Old Spice and eliminate odor’s dumb feelings!

Old Spice Sweat Defense is available nationwide at drugstores, food stores and mass merchandisers (MSRP: $4.99).