A look at the best fitness wear for men


It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, fitness wear for men is a style that suits all seasons. Of course, that term covers a lot of ground, from comfortable everyday footwear to specialized gear that helps protect from injury and aid in recovery as well. With a multi-million dollar industry and massive international corporations backed up by advertising campaigns featuring the most famous sports stars in the world, it’s no wonder fitness wear for men plays such a big part in day-to-day life.


Anyone who doubts the power of marketing only needs to look at how much money the advertising industry generates across the board. When it comes to men’s fitness wear and other sporting clothing, you can find some of the craziest and most inventive campaigns of them all. Whether it means major players from football, baseball, basketball, international soccer or track and field events, most of the world’s biggest athletes lend their names to the biggest brands in huge regional and worldwide advertising campaigns.

This “credibility by association” approach is something that marketers have used through the ages, and with sports and fitness products, it can be particularly effective. Most fans of one sport or another will have a favorite team or individual, so it is easy to use their likeness to sell products. For the biggest campaigns, these stars usually transcend local team-based fandom and appeal to the widest possible audience.

Purchase appeal

Of course, people don’t simply buy something because a famous person tells them to, so the product has to have a lot going for it in other ways too. Perhaps one of the cleverest ways that sports clothing manufacturers have approached this is in the way they have diversified into ranges that appeal to fashion conscious men who want to “buy into” a particular look, regardless of whether the item is actually providing any kind of sporting function.

Today, sports-inspired leisurewear can be seen on the major fashion catwalks as often as it is seen in the mall or on the street. Sneakers have developed from the simple canvas and rubber shoes of the ’60s, evolving through an amazing array of designs that define fashion eras as much as any other item does. With the cross-cultural importance of fitness wear blurring the lines across music, movies and fashion industries, today there is literally something for everyone, no matter how they want to define themselves by what they wear.

Functional fitness

Of course, this doesn’t mean that fitness wear for men has become little more than a fashion parade, because there are still many ways in which it is extremely functional as well. More people than ever are taking a proactive approach to their own health by incorporating fitness regimes into their daily routine – from regular sports activities, gym sessions, running, cycling or swimming. All of these activities can see performances improved by wearing the right kind of gear, whether that means choosing footwear that protects against the shock of running on hard surfaces, or swimwear that offers less resistance to traveling through water.

Due to improved manufacturing processes, modern man-made materials and years of scientific research, today there is a huge men’s selection of fitness wear that can be both functional and stylish at the same time. In the past, an item such as a compression shirt may have looked too one-dimensional to be anything other than a purely functional piece of clothing, but today, virtually anything that you might want to wear for a specific reason is almost guaranteed to look good enough for a wide range of occasions and situations and not look a stitch out of place.

Formal and informal

The way that fitness wear for men has changed the way in which the vast majority of us dress on a daily basis really is nothing short of a revolution. Of course, there will always be a need for more formal clothing, whether for certain kinds of work, official events or just when you want to feel like you’re making an effort to dress to match an occasion. However, for most of us, the idea that fitness and sports clothing is only worn for certain activities is something that is well past its sell-by date. If anything, we have embraced the way that a more informal wardrobe approach is far more suited to the 21st century lifestyle.