Samsung vs Apple: The Heavyweight Bout

iPhone 6

It’s the battle that everyone looks forward to each year. It’s the rumble in the jungle of the tech world. The Thriller in Manila. And it’s here yet again, just in time for Christmas.

For years now Samsung and Apple have been hammering it out to be king of the smartphone, both have thrown enough punches to be considered the best, but their latest releases couldn’t be further apart from each-other.

In the latest line of products to hit our shelves, the argument has shifted from being the heavyweights to being pound-for-pound champion. Physically speaking it’s David vs Goliath, metaphorically it’s of course Goliath vs Goliath. But what’s worth putting on our Christmas lift this year? The iPhone 6, or Samsung’s new offering, the Galaxy Alpha.

You’d have to be living in a convent not to have followed the release of the new Apple range – two models, both bigger, both sleeker, both metal. But Samsung have gone a little different, their Alpha is smaller, more compact, a little pocket rocket.

Although it has taken a leaf out of Apple’s book, and is the first Samsung Galaxy product to incorporate metal in the design, giving it added strength to take on Apple’s new juggernaut.

Of course pipping them against each-other is a little more difficult than just putting them in a ring and giving them 12 rounds, it all depends on what the judges are looking for. Sales have suggested Samsung is set to report its lowest quarterly earnings in three years, with Apple matching the size of the Galaxy S5 and Mega released last year.

Which could ultimately mean the Korean manufacturer are in trouble, especially when more and more users are using smartphones to enjoy the likes of streaming on Netflix or in particularly mobile games.

The 6’s 5.5-inch screen is much more suited to gaming compared to the Galaxy Alpha with only a 4.7-inch display. With games getting closer and closer to the quality of console gaming, the IPS LED screen is much more suited to provide an enriched experience. Developers are taking note, with big brands like Sky Bingo becoming one of the first to adapt their app to fit the bigger screen. It seems the judges card is saying bigger is better.

But that’s only in terms of gaming. There’s plenty more to consider, price wise, it’s no contest. For the bigger iPhone you’re talking upwards of £620, whilst the Alpha sits at £550. And if you’re not so hit up on gaming, it could be the answer.

It runs on Android KitKat and comes with ample 32GB storage, and finally, finally we have metal. It’s no secret that both Apple and Samsung have their loyal following, but the one drawback for Galaxy fans, has been the plastic casing it’s been surrounded with for the past five years.

But whilst it is different to the Galaxy S5, mainly in stature, it has little to differentiate it. There’s nothing new, sure it will see out 12 rounds with consummate ease, but you won’t get that flourish like the iPhone that could be the difference between winning and losing, it has that something extra, whether that be screen size, a superior, faster flowing 8MP camera, or prettier design.

Although it can also bend if you sit on it; and that enters the realms of TKO.


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