It’s Coming – The Galaxy S6 – Jewels

Does your phone make a fashion statement? Check out what’s coming from Samsung with the Galaxy S6 – Jewels in this cool video showing off this new release from Samsung. It features a beautiful display and wireless charging capabilities, making the the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge the most advanced smartphones on the market. To learn more, visit Samsung here.


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Yes, you can create your own movie

If you get inspired by something like The Oscars, you can do some pretty amazing things with modern technology. Here’s a funny take on a wanna-be director who decides to shoot a movie using her Samsung phone.


Samsung vs Apple: The Heavyweight Bout

iPhone 6

It’s the battle that everyone looks forward to each year. It’s the rumble in the jungle of the tech world. The Thriller in Manila. And it’s here yet again, just in time for Christmas.

For years now Samsung and Apple have been hammering it out to be king of the smartphone, both have thrown enough punches to be considered the best, but their latest releases couldn’t be further apart from each-other.

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Charge up with the PowerSlice

As we accumulate more and more gadgets, it seems like we have charging cords everywhere. With a family it’s even worse.

The PowerSlice from fuse is a universal charger that can help keep all of these gadgets organized and charged. With the PowerSlice you can charge up to four gadgets on one plug as the device uses individual slices with charging tips along with a built-in USB port on the charger base. Slices are purchased separately and slip into the unit, so you can charge a variety of devices from Samsung, LG, Apple products and Micro and Mini USB. You can have your iPhone charging while another has their Blackberry.

You can put the PowerSlice in a strategic spot in the kitchen or another spot in your home and make things easier for everyone while cutting down on the clutter.

The universal charger base unit costs $44.99 and additional slices are $9.99 each. There’s also a bundle with the PowerSlice base charger plus two iPhone/iPod compatible slices available for $49.99. It’s very practical and makes a nice stocking-stuffer for the holidays.