Will You Marry Me? Creative Ways to Propose to Your Girl

man and woman hugging near beach

Ask any girl: it’s the little things that matter. So if you’re going to be her ‘only one,’ you better make sure the only time someone asks her to marry them is extra special. If you’re seeking creative ways to make sure the way you ask her is memorable, read on, Mr. Lover.

At the Park

Grab a big picnic basket filled with her favorite snacks, a comfortable blanket, and courage in tow. Feed her wine and cheese while you conjure the courage to ask her to be your main squeeze.

To add some uniqueness to the park setting, rather than ask, carve the question into a nearby tree.

Let’s Play Engagement

If she’s likes going to local theatre productions and playhouses, consider asking the players to incorporate your asking her for her heart in front of a live studio audience. You’ll have to be confident and exact extempore lines, but she’ll never forget how you played your way into her heart upon stage.

To add a surprise element, excuse yourself to go to the bathroom while going backstage to prepare for your declaration of public love. She’ll never suspect the next scene will be starring your question!

Parade of Love

Check the Yellow Pages or online sites leading contact information of local bands. Arrange an outdoor lunch while a mini parade of love, replete with band members playing instruments and holding a banner asking for her hand in marriage, marches by.

To make the moment even more special, have the band play her favorite song. Even better, learn how to play an instrument or sing it to her.

Petals of Sentiment

While she’s taking a shower/bath or not yet arisen from slumber, arrange a number of rose petals on the floor to spell out the question for her. Arrange other flowers as well as lit candles around the room. You know that favorite song from the above suggestion? Play that on the stereo.
To add some excitement leading up to the big question, leave a trail of petals outside the bedroom or bathroom uniting her with your awaiting burning desire.

The Don of Love

Don a Mr. Lover Mens Party Suit and scheduled date in style with an engagement ring up your sleeve. She may think the initial appearance is a bit much; so, reserve the suit for Valentine’s Day or a casual ambiance.

Box of Engagement

Order your love a dozen long-stemmed roses along with a box of candies. While devouring the chocolates, her heart will melt when she finds a ring inside along with a note asking her to be yours forever. If chocolate is not her preference, seek apples, veggies, or other healthy alternatives.

A Return to the Future

Revisit the place you first met, scheduling a stranger to walk by making a remark of how happy you both seem or mentioning how you “must be married” to appear so in love. While your gal is blushing over the compliment, don’t give her a second to recover, amplifying the stranger’s compliment with your own.

Andrew Lanier is a happily married man and avid writer. He likes to help others find joy and happiness in their lives by writing for various blogs on the Internet.