Making the Right First Impression: 8 First Date Tips Men Can’t Ignore

man and woman hugging near beach

Thinking about making the right moves will drive you into insanity. Rather stress in the moment, prepare, considering how to make the right first impression. You asked and got a ‘yes.’ Keep the luck rolling by doing your best to impress. Bring these eight suggestions along and have your date eating out of your hand by evening’s end.

Get a Cut

Your sideburns look burly and long hairs cover your ears, making you appear shaggy. The look is acceptable if you’re going to a costume party as a sheep dog. But, that’s neither a great idea for a costume or place for a first date. Get a fresh haircut and show your date you feel they are special enough for you to look your best.

Go the extra mile, getting your brows waxed. Also, consider a manicure and pedicure. These are not ‘womanly’ luxuries alone; men frequent day spas and tend to their bodies in the 21st century. Man-scaping is also applauded and engaged; consider securing the best electric shaver, for face and body maintenance. Ask a few friends what cut would look best on you. Supplement friend’s suggestions by perusing through a number of in-salon (Yes, head to your nearest salon!) magazines.

Smell Great

Wash behind your ears, between the toes, and if you really want to smell incredible, get a new scent to complement the soap bubbles. Find assistance and second opinion from local mall vendors and boutique workers.

Scents go through cycles, providing immediate, subsequent, and latent odors. Try samples and allow time to pass to experience its full bouquet. Don’t be turned away by strong colognes; just use a dab rather than a full spray. Don’t offend your date and others by applying selections with a heavy hand. Cologne and perfume are personal scents, to be applied sparingly.

Brush and Floss

To supplement tooth, gum, and tongue scrubs, take the time to rid your mouth of bacteria building between teeth. Bacteria find way into the smallest of crevices, presenting objectionable breath when unattended. Go the extra mile and add mouthwash.

Bring a throwaway toothbrush for a post-dinner brushing; you need to maintain an exquisite and food-free smile. You’ll be within close quarters. A foul-smelling mouth is no route to a second meeting.

Be Wrinkle-Free

Look crisp, ironing chosen shirt and pants. Little things make huge impressions. A wrinkled shirt is mismatched with a fresh haircut. If you’ve never lifted an iron in your lifetime, buy a standing or hand steamer for a fast press.

How you present yourself says volumes. Use locations and planned activities to determine your duds; you don’t want to wear a three-piece suit to a Sunday picnic. Don’t cause immediate static in the relationship by looking like a slob.

Shine Shoes

Give your shoes a shine; men are notorious for being fashionably thorough. Your date is going to give the once over from head to toe; don’t give an inch to flinch about.

Invest in a shoeshine kit. It doesn’t matter if wearing sneakers, shoes, or sandals. Footwear needs to get same impression as the rest of you. Extra points are scored for wearing matching socks without holes.

Keep Smiling

You may wonder if they noticed your starched shirt or fresh hair style, but keep smiling. You spent all that time brushing, flossing, and gargling – show off the hard work with a winning smile. It’s likely that your date is nervous and self-doubting too, so show them how you’re feeling rather than what you’re thinking.

Salespeople champion smiling over the phone; it helps channel attitude and inflection of tone. Smiling, when speaking, influences the listener’s impression. Being face-to-face with your date, you’ll want them to think you’re having a wonderful time; smiling provides unspoken assurance.

Present the Gent

Perhaps the ‘bad boys’ are desired, but don’t dismiss mom’s old-fashioned suggestions; be a gentleman. That means opening doors, pulling chairs out, and making your date feel safe.
Even if the occasion is going as unexpected or downright horrible, exhibit grace and maintain a cordial demeanor. You don’t have to be the boy-next-door type but you should open doors and be respectful toward your date regardless of returned sentiment.

Have a Backup

Have a backup plan in mind in case your date changes theirs about a particular activity or destination. Plan on taking the lead in providing suggestions yet adhering to likes and dislikes as well as sudden or unexpected pivots of decision.

A great pre-date conversation is inquiring about interests and hobbies. That way, whether directly acquainted or not, you’re date will be engaged with your direction.

Eric Molyneux has a knack for understanding relationships. From advice on talking to the opposite sex to top do’s and don’ts for dates, he often blogs to help others find and enjoy healthy and fun relationships.