24 Blog 9.3: The Angry Mob

24 9 3-1

“We are the angry mob, we read the papers every day / We like who we like, we hate who we hate, but we’re also easily swayed.”

Well, you’re a mob, so by definition, you’re prone to outrage and righteous indignation. As an added bonus, not having all of the facts makes it easier for your collective conscience to rationalize your behavior. “So tonight, you’ll sleep softly in your beds…”

The Kaiser Chiefs – writers of the above lyrics, and this week’s blog title – never really established more than a cult following here in the States – and that makes sense, given their overt “Britishness,” for lack of a better word – but damn, do I love those guys. And their new record, the politically charged Education, Education, Education and War, is their best in ages. All right, Shameless Plug of the Week ends here.

There were actually two angry mobs in this episode: one outside of the US Embassy in London (that’s where Patsy Tanner is being held), and the one inside of Parliament, where Big Dick Heller thinks he can reason with a hostile group of MPs. Neither mob has even a scant amount of the full story, but it’s too soon for that, and at any rate, does history tell any tales of a well-informed and enlightened mob? I know of none. Any Bullz-Eye-reading history experts are welcome to prove me wrong in the comment section.

24 9 3-2

“Why yes, I have no problem whatsoever crippling two complete strangers as a means of creating a distraction. Hi, Jack Bauer, wanted fugitive, damn glad to meet you.”

There were four Interesting Developments this week. First, Hercules holds one hell of a grudge. He fakes Big Dick’s signature on paperwork to hand Jack over to the Russians once he’s apprehended (that has to be worthy of the death penalty, right?). Second, Adrian Cross (official “24” nickname: The Crow, and credit to Michael Wincott and his surprisingly good English accent) betraying Jack after agreeing, albeit reluctantly, to help him get into the US Embassy. Definitely looking forward to their next encounter; I’m guessing it starts with a head butt and ends with a pistol whipping. Then we have Audrey, asserting herself when Hercules tries to put baby in a corner. Man, is there any way Hercules doesn’t wind up unemployed and divorced at best or in jail at worst?

Lastly, but certainly not least, is Margot Al-Hazari (official “24” nickname: Mommie Dearest), for roping her daughter Simone into the spy game and conditioning her to be comfortable ‘playing the part’ (read: sleeping with targets) in order to achieve Mommie’s extremist goals, even though it drives Simone’s husband mad, and who can blame him? What kind of STDs is she bringing home with her? Worse, Mommie Dearest USES A HIDDEN CAMERA TO WATCH HER DAUGHTER HAVE SEX to make sure she stays in line. Which means, of course, that Simone will betray her later on, Mommie Dearest will see it, and put her down like a dog. We feel Stone Cold Lead Pipe Lock confident about that prediction.

Which brings us back to the Kaiser Chiefs, naturally. I’m not sure I understand the video – are those two separate bachelorette parties coming to blows before turning on the onlookers thirsting for blood like Romans? – but man, do I love that chain gang chorus at the end.


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