Three reasons why staying connected is more important than ever

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As early as the mid 90s, people in the know were saying that a computer not connected to the internet is just a dumb box. I found that a bit harsh since I was one of those people who didn’t get a permanent internet connection until much later. I still think it is a bit harsh. But now, more than ever, it is oh, so true. Allow me to offer three reasons why you want to take another look at your connectivity:

1. Work from anywhere. Technology did not cut our work hours in half. But it did afford us the opportunity to put in less time in front of a desk. I used to use an application called Logmein to remote into my main computer from any other computer in the world. I had two offices: one in an iron plant and one in the lab. Plus I worked from home sometimes. I needed access to all of the data on all of those computers all the time.

A lot of people depended on their free service. When they stopped offering it, those users went looking for alternatives in droves. Simple Help is one of those services that stepped up to offer a premium service that charges a one-time payment for unlimited use. The freedom to access your main computer from a laptop or secondary computer can make the difference between getting the job done, and making another excuse. Having a source of perpetual connectivity allows you to take advantage of these types of options.

2. Take your home entertainment on the road. There is nothing wrong with watching a little television, or even a lot if that’s what floats your boat. After all, why else did you buy that 65″ TV? Of course you want to watch it. But you can’t always be there when the big game is on. Tablets such as the iPad make excellent portable entertainment systems if you have the right gear and connectivity. I’m a DISH subscriber. But most companies offer some type of online connection to programing. If not, you can always get something like a Slingbox for your mobile television hookup.

You can have access to all your recorded programing as well as live offerings. Anything that would play on your TV at home can play on your mobile device of choice whenever you have the time, wherever you happen to be. The only catch is that you have to have the right connectivity. You can spend your lunch break struggling to stay awake, or laughing at your favorite sitcom. It’s up to you.

3. You’re already paying for it. The key is to stop focusing on minutes, and start focusing on data. These days, the major carriers throw in the minutes for free. What they want to sell you is data. Let them. You will find that for that same $200, and often less, you and your mate can enjoy more data and bandwidth than you can use in a month, with the added value of unlimited text and calling. You do not need unlimited data. You will burn through much less than you think. But you will have constant connectivity for more of the work and play you already pay for.