Must-Have Gadgets for the Office

The world is changing. We’re waist-deep in an electronic revolution; but in a world of mobile technology with information being shared all around us, what technological innovations can we use to keep us sane in the office?

USB-powered Personal Humidifier


Dry air can become a problem for people, especially in office buildings that recycle air. The static that builds up isn’t exactly good for computers or printers, either. Fortunately, the solution comes in the form of an attractive gadget that takes up very little desk space. The USB-powered Personal Humidifier, available at, plugs into any USB port to provide four pleasant hours of humidity. If someone forgets to turn the Personal Humidifier off, not a problem. It turns itself off after two hours or if the 4-ounce tank runs empty. The best part is the Personal Humidifier is small enough to take anywhere. Just pack the USB-powered Personal Humidifier in an overnight bag or computer bag and go.

Build-On Brick Mug


Coffee is a must to get through those early morning hours, endless phone calls, and tedious office meetings. The problem is what to do with the hands? What to do to keep from drifting off? The Build-On Brick Mug just might have the answer. Available at ThinkGeek, the Build-On Brick Mug is a 12-ounce hot drink holder perfect for coffee, tea, and keeping boredom at bay. This unique mug works with bricks from LEGO, PixelBlocks, and K’NEX Bricks, to name just a few. The potential to build on the mug is unlimited. The only downside is it’s not dishwasher safe! However, BPA-free and versatile, the Build-On Brick Mug can deliver the coffee and the entertainment.

Portal 2 Sentry Turret USB Desk Defender


Entertainment at the office comes in many forms, especially when encouraging those loiterers to move on. Video Game fans and will love the Portal 2 Sentry Turret USB Desk Defender. It’s not only cute (in a futuristic, dystopian kind of way), but also a rather effective desk protector. Equipped with a motion detector, this little gadget opens up its wings when anyone comes near and shoots – harmless little remarks such as “I see you” and “Target acquired”. The Portal 2 Sentry, available at ThinkGeek, will even respond if it is knocked over or moved, stating anything from “I don’t hate you’ to “Malfunctioning” and more. If no one picks the Portal 2 Sentry up within 30 seconds of being knocked over, the entertaining gadget asks, “Are you still there?” It may not actually encourage loiters to stay away from one’s desk, but it will certainly entertain them.

Une Bobine


Most people today can barely stand to be away from their mobile phones, yet trying to complete any task on the phone while syncing or charging is nothing short of a royal pain. The biggest problem is trying to see the screen from odd angles. That isn’t the case anymore, not with the Une Bobine, available from [Fuse]Chicken. The Une Bobine is a rather handy phone stand that comes with a 24” gooseneck metal casing allowing the user to angle the phone for a better screen view while charging or syncing. Need more length? A USB extension does the job, and if the Une Bobine is too long, the Petite Bobine is only 12” long. Now charging or syncing the phone at the office while viewing the screen is not only easy, but convenient.

BOSS Lamps


Those late nights at work are tedious enough without trying to find enough space on a desk for a light. What’s worse is the eternal search for another power outlet or just one more USB port. Imagine if all three came in one convenient, kind of quirky, and very vintage package. Look no further, the BOSS Lamp is here. This interesting little desk lamp, available through Etsy, uses a 40 watt MAX type B13 bulb, comes with 2 USB ports, a 15 amp plug, and takes up no more than a few inches of desk space. The plug is not meant for any appliances, most particularly not a heating device, but works just fine with portable electronic devices such as laptops. Undeniably a conversation starter, the BOSS lamp makes those late nights just a little more bearable.

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