Product Review: New York Streets TAR Hair Product

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TAR is a texturizing hair product with a medium hold from New York Streets. And being from the streets of NY, it comes with a neck tattoo and a knife. I’m just kidding, those are sold separately. If you do rock a neck tattoo and a knife, “Go Ahead – Be Free,” which is what New York Streets is all about.

The first thing I noticed was the color of the product. The steel gray color reminded me of paint. And for the canvas of your head, isn’t your hair essentially paint, anyway?

Hair is ultimately a reflection of the person who owns it, and how you style your hair says a lot about your personal brand and how you interact with the world.

Mohawk? Hey, we love The Misfits just as much as the next guy. Tortured artist in an uncaring world? We celebrate Van Gogh’s entire catalog, from “The Starry Night,” to “Cafe Terrace at Night,” to “Self-Portrait with Straw Hat.” Edgy, unloved hipster coffee barista? We feel your pain. Now, where’s the bruschetta I ordered to go with my triple soy grande latte? I’ve got a big conference call and need it ASAP.

I really liked the texture of TAR. It wasn’t gloppy and stiff and you didn’t need to work it in your finger tips before application. Wait a minute, did somebody say “Work It”? Cue the Missy Elliot.

TAR was easy to apply and took hold immediately, not unlike a female companion who has admired you from afar for some time, and you finally give in and even while you’re doing it, wish you hadn’t.

But TAR was pleasurable and knew its role in my life. “There will always be other hair products baby; it will never be just you.” TAR is not only cool with that, but encourages you to “mix” with other products, like Xtreme Gel.

I also noticed that TAR will either monopolize your head or accentuate and compliment it based on the amount of product you use. Even though it is technically a “medium hold” hair styling product, I gave myself a mohawk when I had some time to kill to test its strength.

It never made my hair crispy and held firm all night long. It didn’t even sully my pillowcase. Even though it’s from New York, it didn’t leave my sheets looking like a dishrag from a Chinese restaurant written up previously for numerous health code violations.

Here’s a video demonstration of a hot babe applying TAR:

There was also no annoying or overwhelming smell associated with the product; TAR didn’t get cute and force some wretched scent on you. If New York had a scent, it would be murder.

TAR by New York Streets retails for $16 and is available via the website at Tell them about your life and what you had for lunch via social media on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


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