AXE launches three new shampoos

AXE just keeps coming with new and exciting hair products for men and the three new products we tested are right on target! AXE Hair launched this new line of shampoos that provide sensorial experiences to transform guys’ moods and get them ready for whatever the world has to offer. The AXE heat Igniting Citrus 2 in 1 Sampoo and Conditioner has warming spices and a citrus aroma and looks like hot lava exiting the bottle which is really cool. I really liked the scent as it was clean and refreshing and my hair looked great!

The Axe Downpour Refreshing Mint Shampoo has a peppermint leaf extract that smells so damn good and left me feeling cool and comfortable and ready tackle the world. If you like anything mint this is the shampoo for you and if your significant other likes mint as well then look out. I also really liked the AXE Zen Smoothing Tea Tree Shampoo with real tea tree extract that had me all of sudden feeling calm and centered (hhhmmmm) so I could stay focused on the “finer” things in my life!

Let’s face it, Shampoo was boring for so long and our expections as men were very very low when we used to purchase shampoo! AXE Hair has been a leader in revolutionizing men’s shampoo for the masses at prices we can afford. Stay tuned as we’ll be on the lookout for new and “exciting” shampoos from our friends ar AXE!