30 Sexiest TV Actresses of 2013

Television has always been home to a parade of beautiful actresses, and with the explosion of cable TV and now Netflix, the roles have even become sexier over the years. Here are some of our favorites from 2013:

Lizzy Caplan

This sexy brunette oozes sex appeal, and she was perfect as the sexually liberated Virginia Johnson in the new Showtime series “Masters of Sex.” She certainly wasn’t shy about showing off her impressive body as her character dove into her work researching how the female body responded during sex. This was by far the sexiest new show on television this year which shouldn’t be a surprise given the subject matter, and we saw a parade of lovely actresses disrobing as Virginia Johnson and Dr. William Masters began their study, though some of the best scenes took place when the two of them took part in their own study. “Masters of Sex” has established itself as one of the best shows on television as this period drama pulls the curtain on an era where most conversations about sex were taboo, and the show works mostly due to Caplan and costar Michael Sheen as Masters. Check out our interview with Lizzy from 2010.

Episode 109
Photo courtesy of Showtime by Michael Desmond

Emilia Clarke

As Daenerys Targaryen in “Game of Thrones,” our #4-rated show for 2103, Emilia Clarke plays one of the all-time sexiest TV badasses as she works to regain the throne that she believes it rightfully hers. You don’t want to mess with her as she commands three dragons and is very savvy in how she manipulates the people around her. The brunette actress looks very hot as a blonde in this role and her nude scenes have earned her legions of fans.

GAME OF THRONES Emilia Clarke photo Helen Sloan
Photo courtesy of HBO by Helen Sloan

Olivia Munn

Smart is sexy, and Olivia Munn is smart, sexy and sassy as the brilliant but socially awkward Sloan Sabbith in “The Newsroom,” our #2-rated show. Munn showed she had some serious acting chops to go along with the pretty face and her comedic skills as she fit right in with the rest of the impressive cast as they fired off the quick and witty dialog that has become an Aaron Sorkin trademark. Unfortunately we don’t get to much more than her pretty face as Sloan is usually dressed in her professional office attire. Maybe the writers can put her on location doing a story from a beach in Hawaii. Just a suggestion . . .

Olivia Munn newsroom09
Photo courtesy of HBO by Melissa Moseley/Follow Olivia on Twitter here

Emmy Rossum

With her role as Fiona Gallagher in “Shameless,” Emmy Rossum moved beyond the sweet and innocent persona of previous roles to take on the gritty reality of being the eldest child in the most dysfunctional family we’ve seen in years. She’s beautiful and charismatic and has that incredible smile that rivals Julia Roberts. She also isn’t afraid to take on the sexier scenes viewers love to see on cable TV. You can follow her on Twitter here.

Episode 302
Photo courtesy of Showtime

Olga Kurylenko

Beautiful Bond girl Olga Kurylenko starred opposite Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the Starz series “Magic City,” playing ex-showgirl Vera Evans in this period drama set in Miami in the late 1950s. The series was beautifully shot with the stylish clothes and cars of the era and with beauties like Olga leading the cast. Unfortunately the series ended this year after only two seasons. You can follow her on Twitter here, and check out our interview with Olga from earlier this year.

Olga Kurylenko in Magic City Starz Entertainment
Photo courtesy of Starz Entertainment

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