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30 Sexiest TV Actresses of 2013

Heléne Yorke

There were tons of sexual fireworks on “Master of Sex” apart from the two main characters, and Heléne Yorke as Jane Martin stood out as one of the sexiest women to participate in the sex study. Jane was the sassy secretary who love the idea of advancing science, and she enthusiastically took off her clothes for sessions with Ulysses (You’ll have to watch the show to know that reference!). You can follow her on Twitter here.

Photo by Michael Desmond courtesy of Showtime

Minka Kelly

We’ve been fans of Minka Kelly for years, so we were happy to see her back on TV in “Almost Human.” Check out this video below from Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive shoot several years ago and it’s obvious why she’s on this list. You can follow her on Twitter here.

Keri Russell

Keri Russell stars opposite Matthew Rhys in “The Americans” which we named as a top-ten show for 2013. The show is set in 1981 and centers on a husband and wife team of KGB agents living as Americans on Washington D.C. Russell is amazing as Elizabeth in this compelling drama, and her character will do anything for the cause, which leads to some pretty sexy scenes when she’s posing as a bimbo using sex to get information. If you haven’t seen it, catch up on Season 1 before it returns for a second season.

Keri Russell Photo by Craig Blankenhorn FX
Photo by Craig Blankenhorn courtesy of FX

Addison Timlin

This young hottie blew our minds several years ago in an epic scene from “Californication” as she flashed her impressive, all-natural assets in a business meeting. The video below shows another sexy scene as she played the ambitious Sasha Bingham who wanted some afternoon delight with Hank Moody. This year Addison moved on to a more serious role in “Zero Hour” on ABC which has since been cancelled.

Sarah Shahi

This exotic beauty caught our attention years ago on “The L Word” and then on a few episodes of “The Sopranos” as Sonya Aragon. She’s one of the loveliest actresses out there and now she stars in the CBS drama “Person of Interest” playing Samantha Shaw. Check out the video below from Sarah’s GQ photo shoot.

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This Page Is Under Construction - Coming Soon!

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