Product Review: 2013 Dove Men + Care Product Line


When I’m cleaning my face, I want a system. I don’t want to approach the situation haphazardly, like the parents on MTV’s hit TV show “Teen Mom.”

Let’s be frank — and yes, you “can still be Garth.” Your face skin is essentially your billboard to the world. And what does this billboard promote? The business of You, Incorporated.

If your face looks blotchy, dry, flaky, weird, or any other adjective that would describe a rabid Russian dog, scrounging the public subway system for scraps, you probably don’t want to look like that. You probably don’t want to look like Gorbachev, either.

You, Incorporated is coming off of another great fiscal quarter, but how do you maintain the momentum and feed all the families who depend on your face? By trusting a known commodity when it comes to building the brand of You. If you’re breathing, you’re branding, and if you’re washing your face and the rest of your body, you better be using the new cleansing system that is the 2013 Dove Men + Care line.

In a word, the Dove Men + Care line is stout. Dove has really covered all aspects, from shaving, to cleansing, and everything in between. Check out the list of products I received:

 – Cool Silver Deodorant

– Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

– Aqua Impact Body + Face Bar

– Aqua Impact Body And Face Wash

– Hydrate + Post Shave Balm

– Hydrate + Face Wash

– Sensitive + Shave Gel

– Sensitive + Post Shave Balm

– Sensitive + Face Lotion

My inclination when I started writing this review was to mention my favorite product, and then spend equal time on the one I liked the least. But honestly, I liked them all. Plus, it’s impossible to single them out, because they are all pieces of the same entity.

Sure, you could use the Hydrate + Face Wash on its own and love it, but after you’ve ripped open your face skin, the Sensitive + Face Lotion compliments the wash so well, it would just be a shame to not use both. Sure, the Miami Heat would be a great team with just LeBron James, but when you add Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, it makes a great situation fantastic.

Same thing with the Sensitive + Shave Gel. I put it on my skin, and when I shaved, it didn’t feel like a gel, but more like a cream. When I was done, I added the Sensitive + Post Shave Balm. Not only did my skin feel renewed, invigorated and refreshed, but it just looked cool. I felt good and knew I looked good, which is great, because You, Incorporated is always on the lookout for potential investors. Like NBA stud Dwyane Wade:

None of the products made my skin feel or look greasy feel dry or scratchy. Along those same lines, there wasn’t an overuse of perfume or overpowering scent, either. It was complete refreshment, delivered in a simple, straightforward way.

Come to think of it, the entire Dove Men + Care line of products felt exactly how the design of the bottles looked: crisp, clean and smooth. Which is exactly how the business of You, Incorporated should run. If your business needs a little kick in the pants, try the new line of products from Dove Men + Care by following this link.