Theme party ideas for New Year’s Eve

With New Year’s Eve around the corner, everyone is looking for parties to go to. Bars and nightclubs can be fun, but usually a great house party can be the best option. First, you can avoid many of the crazy logistics involved in getting to a nightclub and then getting home, particularly if crashing at the house is an option. This is always great considering the risks associated with driving on this night.

When evaluating a party, the most important element single men will consider has to be the number of single women that will attend (along with the quality of course). A close second involves the booze. If you’re going to someone else’s party, be cool and bring a real contribution to the bar, and of course pick something you like. Better yet, pick something that the ladies will like, as this will be a great way to meet people at the party. Think flavored vodka and of course something that’s good for shots!

Of course one option is throwing your own party. If this is an option, all the considerations above need to be considered. And when it comes to single women, one idea to consider is a theme party. Think about it – women love to dress up on Halloween, so now you can give them another reason to dress up. Depending on the theme you pick, they can have fun picking out 70s fancy dress costumes, thinking up 80s outfits ideas or putting together sexy goulish outfits. Naturally, you want a theme that doesn’t require too much work but that also lends itself to sexy outfits.

This idea won’t work for everyone, but think about the crowd you want, and this might be a clever way to make the party bigger and better. Either way, be safe!


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