Men’s Night: 10 Ideas to Get HER Out of the House

girl in nightclub

You know the problem – it’s men’s night at your house, everything is set up and you are ready to go. There is only one problem: it is female and it is glued to the TV watching “her soaps” or some talk show. How do get her out of the house so that you can enjoy your evening with the guys? Here are ten good ideas how to achieve this. But be careful! We do not guarantee success or exclude epic fails. So be warned.

1. Reverse Psychology

It has been proven that if you voice your intention with reversed arguments. So, why don’t go like this: “Honey, I am so proud that you are woman enough to stay while us men are here talking about all the cars and sports and stuff.” You’ll see, she can’t get out fast enough.

2. Her Pride

woman doing pushups

“Did you put on a few pounds?” Only a few words that will hurt her deeply, should she has a shred of pride left. All you need to do now is slip her a gym bag or jogging outfit. Perhaps add a small remark about you like her belly flat and her pride will drive her out the door.

3. Culture

Is your woman interested in any of culture, like the theater, movies or the cabaret? Good. Take a quick look at the corresponding sites in the Internet and send her on her way. There is always something on she might like, that’s for sure.

4. Her Friends

Just call one her friends (preferably one affiliated with one of your guys, so you know her house will be empty) and suggest that she takes your woman off your hands. Why not watch the soaps together at her place? Then just equip your better half with a bottle of wine (as a welcome gift) and send her on her way. She may even thank you afterwards!

5. This new Club

There is nothing more appealing to a woman than going to a new club and go nuts. Combine those two and you have a sure fire winner. Just browse sites like yelp for new bars or clubs in your area and tell her about it. Offer her that she can check it out now, if it is any good for a later visit, so she can feel like a good while drinking cocktails and hitting the dance floor. Perfect.

6. Work

This is an easy one: Just get her to look for a reason to leave by herself. “We’ll need the living room. Wouldn’t that be a good time to do the taxes/clean out the closet/sorth your shoes?” Whoosh. She’s gone. Because a person is never more creative than when he or she is trying to avoid work.

7. A little Reward

Offer a genuine reward- If she leaves tonight, she can choose a nice little weekend getaway or day trip location you two will do next week-end. This is not only an honest and fair solution, there is also a chance that she completely forgets about after two days, if you don’t remind her.

8. Other Stuff outside the House

One quick Internet search and you can offer her some interesting experience: billard, ice skating, theater… every day there is some cool stuff happening. Perhaps even offer to chip in for the tickets and call a friend (see topic no.4) and everybody is happy.

9. Money, Money Money …

pretty girl holding cash

Does she like gambling? Most likely she does, even if she would never admit it. Send her off to the local bingo parlor or offer to chip in for trip to Vegas or even to a luxurious weekend to one of St. Tropez Casino Events depending on where you live. Or send suggest a ladies night with poker and cocktails parallel to your men’s night. Just not here. She sure will be hooked and will go. And who knows, perhaps she returns with a nice win?

10. Honesty

It is really astounding how often honesty works. “I need my space with my guys. Do you mind leaving?” If she cares about you, she will, or at least offer a compromise. If not, perhaps the problem goes deeper than her watching TV at men’s night.