Do your research when shopping


Did you know that men are shopping more than ever? Despite popular opinion, men are just as likely to be looking for the latest bargains, and shopping for their favourite products. One thing’s for sure – catalog shopping isn’t only for women. In fact, many catalog companies have a wide range of products tailored to men, including clothing, sportswear, electronics, gifts, and homeware. However, with so many catalogs out there, where do you start? Here are some of our top tips for finding the best products when using a home shopping catalog.

1. Do your research

This one might seem obvious, but with so many catalog companies trying to attract your attention, you’ll want to do your research. Remember – shop around for companies that offer the best rates of interest, so that you’ll save more money over time. Using a catalog comparison website will provide you with all the information you need quickly and easily.

Alternatively, third party review websites will include reviews left by real customers who have purchased a product from a particular catalog in the past. Online catalog shopping for men has increased in popularity in recent years, so you’ll find many different companies offering this service.

2. Realise the benefits

There are a number of benefits when it comes to shopping through an online catalog, when compared to conventional high street shopping. Not only will you be able to purchase products from the comfort of your own home, but you’ll be able to have them delivered directly to your door – ideal if you rely on public transportation, or live far away from your nearest town or city centre. Many catalog companies offer this service.

When you shop using a catalog, you don’t need to pay for the order all in one go either, so you’ll be able to control your finances and budget effectively. Depending on the company, you may be able to pay for your items over a longer period, and make weekly or monthly repayments.

The sheer amount of products on offer from a catalogs is another large benefit. Both men and women can find all sorts of clothing and accessories to choose from, as well as a large range of electrical gadgets, appliances and furniture. For those men who like to game, there’s plenty of deals on gaming consoles including the Xbox One and PS4 as well options to spread the cost on sportswear and gym equipment.

3. Find out how to make repayments

Making repayments for any items you have purchased is simple. You will usually receive a monthly statement from the catalog company which will include information about the minimum amount of money you need to pay that month, as well as your outstanding balance on your account. You will then be able to make repayments online or over the phone, or by visiting a store branch of the company. Your monthly statement will also include a list of any purchases you have made during that billing period.

4. Making the application process easier

When you apply for a new catalog account, a credit check will normally take place before your application is approved. However, you may need to provide some additional documents in order to further your application. To help speed up your application, find out what information they will need before hand and get it ready.