Online Bingo Is Not Only for Girls

Let’s face it; for the most part men wouldn’t be caught dead in a bingo hall in their town. They’re full of (much) older ladies and women that seem to make up hen parties, even though not one of them is getting married. Worst case scenario is that you might get spotted going in or coming out, and then there’s no telling what kind of jokes might be coming in at your expense. It’s simply not worth the risk for the sake of winning a couple of notes is it? Bingo rooms just don’t have the attraction that a casino does.

This is a bit of a shame really. Though nobody is going to suggest you go to the bingo hall at the beginning of a lad’s night out, and unlike casinos they’re generally not still open at 6am when every other bar in walking distance has shut for the night, plenty of men would probably enjoy a game of bingo now and then if they gave it a shot. It’s an easy way to while away an evening, and still have something to show for it at the end (preferably your manhood).

That’s where online bingo comes in. Yes, there are plenty of sites decked out in pink, and yes, there are probably going to be women there. But since when is being in the same place as some girls a bad thing? You can waste days of your life chatting to pretty much anyone anywhere in the world, like you might do anyway if chat rooms are your thing, and there are plenty of people (guys and girls) to go around.

Generally speaking there are plenty of games to play on many websites, with lots of variations and the chance to genuinely win some large amounts of money. Big sites like Wink Bingo offer massive deposit bonuses if you choose to check them out, and if you don’t like it you can blow it all quickly and go back to poker. Lots of operators give you some free cash to start out too, so if you’ve ever thought about trying it and you’re stuck at home for a night there’s really no reason not to give it a go.

Obviously there’s no way the guys will ever get together for “bingo night” with chips ‘n’ dip, but you can always eat them sat at your computer. It’s not as sad as it sounds.


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