Entourage 8.8 – The End

Well, that’s a wrap – the guys of “Entourage” have slammed their last car door, and though it’s a little sad to see the series end, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that it probably should have happened sooner than it did. But while the last few seasons weren’t quite up to par with the early years, Doug Ellin has done a nice job of rewarding the fans who stuck by the show with a fairly conclusive series finale that delivered the feel-good happy ending that just about everyone was expecting. “Entourage” has gone to some pretty dark places in recent seasons, but it was always going to end only one way.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that it didn’t have its problems. For starters, I don’t really believe that a woman who was so opposed to the idea of even dating Vince would suddenly agree to go on a date with him and then accept a marriage proposal in the short span of 24 hours. Not only is that incredibly disrespectful to the audience, but it completely undermines who Sofia is as a character and what made Vince fall so head over heels for her in the first place. Nevertheless, Vince and Sophia have decided to tie the knot in Paris, and Drama and Turtle have taken it upon themselves to convince Sloan to be in attendance – although she doesn’t entirely believe their story at first.

But while Sloan is honored to be considered important enough to be there for the big event (how Billy Walsh, or even Scotty Lavin for that matter, was left off the guest list is a mystery), she’s concerned that it’s all just a ploy to get her and Eric in the same room together. I’m sure that was partially the plan, but Vince and the guys were never going to let Eric run off to New York without at least trying to fix things. And though Vince initially made it worse by accidentally dropping the news to Terrence that Sloan was pregnant, he made things right in the end. That speech to Sloan was both sweet and touching, and it’s yet another example of how much Vince has matured since the first episode.

You could say the same thing about Ari, who’s been fighting tooth and nail to win back his wife all season. But while he’s always been able to talk a big game, Ari showed that he could follow through on his words as well by impulsively quitting the talent agency when he realized that it would be the only way to save his marriage and his relationship with his kids. I have to admit that it took me a little by surprise, because while I fully expected for him and Melissa (whose first name reveal was awfully nonchalant considering all the attention it’s been given throughout the years) to get back together, I never thought that he’d give up the only other thing he loved in order to make it work. In hindsight, however, it makes sense that quitting would be the only way that Mrs. Ari would take him back, and I applaud Ellin for allowing Ari to make that kind of sacrifice.

So, to recap: Vince is headed to Paris to marry Sophia; Eric has hopped on a plane with Sloan to work things out; Drama’s star is on the rise; Turtle is a millionaire; and Ari quit his job and moved to Florence with his wife… only to receive a call from the head of Warner Bros. days later offering him the chance to take over as CEO. That was a pretty cheeky move on Ellin’s part, but if a big screen movie really is in the works, then it’s the next natural place to take the story. Because even though they got their happy ending, you’d be crazy to think this is the last we’ve seen of Vincent Chase and his entourage.


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7 responses to “Entourage 8.8 – The End”

  • Benfo says:

    I would’ve preferred if that was how Mrs Ari’s name was revealed, actually happened a few weeks ago now when Bobby Flay wanted to fight Ari in his own home, seemed way too forced.

    Agree with the quickness of the marriage too, needed AT LEAST another episode in Entourage-time to get there I reckon. Was half expecting Ari to just turn down the offer flat too, but it’s pretty obvious why that didn’t happen.

  • Tony Sloan says:

    I didn’t think the Vince/Sophia thing was realistic at all and it really stained this finale. Also the fact that Sloan now believes that E didn’t sleep with the stepmother. This show’s time had run out but I think we deserved a better ending to it. It’s almost like the writers just couldn’t find the same magic they had years ago.
    Oh well…great stuff while it lasted.

  • Jason Zingale says:

    Yeah, but the point that Vince was trying to make about Eric sleeping with Melinda is that it didn’t really matter, because the only reason he did it was because he was so emotional about Sloan.

  • Jamey says:

    Sure seems to me that they’re doing a movie. I don’t think the whole E-Sloan-Melinda-Terrence drama is over, and are we really just supposed to assume that Vince is going to live happily ever after with a girl he just met? (I won’t even get into the viability of the wedding…yikes.)

    As for Ari, wow, I’m glad I read the blog because my DVR cut off when the credits started rolling, so I missed that final scene initially. Interesting that it’s Ari and not Vince and the boys in the series’ closing moments….

  • Queezle says:

    Surprised that Ari Gold got the last scene in the series, but in hindsight it makes sense since he was almost always on the top of everyone’s top 3 Entourage characters list (as far as I know).

    And goddamn that outfit that Melissa had in the last cutscene that left little to imagination… hnnnnnnnnnng.

  • Gerardo says:

    I totally missed the last scene as I stopped it once the credits started rolling.

    Anyways, they went with the happy ending, and they made Vince cool again, which needed to be done since their attempt to turn him into a dick last season was pretty lame.

    That said, everything came together way too easily, and the whole wedding thing was BS.

  • mimi says:

    Someone help me here…. I could have sworn a few season’s back it was made apparent that Ari and Mrs Ari met as client/agent (she being a model). In the series finale, Ari made the comment to Melissa: “Remember when we were in college and talked about traveling for a year….” did anyone else catch that? Am I remembering how they met incorrectly? Thanks for anyone who might be more maven than I…

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