2011 Lexus IS250C Gallery

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The 2011 Lexus IS250C is one of those convertibles that can go from serious business with the hardtop up to all out fun and open air with the press of a button. We are currently testing a matador red IS250C and we can report right from the start that this car is first class and as smooth as silk is so many ways. Take a look at our gallery then check back for our upcoming review on Bullz-Eye


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Celebrate Father’s Day with a Contest from Ram Truck

With Father’s Day just around the corner, the guys over at Ram Truck have put together a cool prize pack in appreciation of all the great dads out there, comprised of a Margaritaville Tailgate Propane Grill perfect for the upcoming (hopefully) NFL season and a $100 gift card to Omaha Steaks to get you started. Three runners-up will also receive a $50 Gander Mountain gift card, so there’s plenty opportunities to win. All you need to do to enter is head over to the official Ram Zone website and submit a picture link of you and your dad (along with your Ram truck, of course) in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Hurry, because the contest ends on June 19th.


Hirzl golf gloves: Kangaroo, jack

Let’s state the obvious up front: golf is an expensive sport, and if you’re anything like us, there are certain pieces of equipment where you tend to, well, go cheap. The one area where function completely dominated form in terms of gear has always been the golf glove. Does it come in black? That’ll work, ring us up. Needless to say, when we were asked to review Hirzl’s golf gloves, at first it seemed a bit silly. Now, of course, we know better.

The weather conditions for our initial test were about as ideal as one could ask for – partly cloudy with temperatures in the low 70s. This means that we didn’t get to really test how well the gloves (we used Hirzl’s Trust Control gloves) would function in extreme heat or rain, but you can work up a sweat even on the driving range in weather like that, and the gloves, which contain kangaroo leather (who knew?) with mesh on the tops so your hands can breathe, remained bone dry the entire time. When we removed the gloves after taking about 80 swings, the backs of our hands beaded with moisture, but the palms of our hands were as dry as the gloves, despite the insides of the gloves themselves feeling damp. The Trust Feel gloves, meanwhile, are promoted as the thinner of Hirzl’s Trust line, but the difference between them in terms of feel is negligible, and compared to our previous gloves, which had a tendency to inflict the occasional blister despite the fact that we’re not big swingers, these puppies felt like Snuggies for your hands. If anyone loses the grip of their club while wearing these gloves, they’re going out of their way to do something wrong.

So lesson learned: golf gloves matter, and these Hirzl gloves will be a godsend to monster swinging, ‘leave nothing in the bag’ golfers and finesse golfers alike. They also have us taking a long look at our golf shoes, and wondering if an upgrade is in store there as well.


2011 Kia Sportage AWD Gallery

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Bullz-Eye is test driving a 2011 Kia Sportage AWD and this is one sharp ride! Kia has come out with great products in the past few years and the Sportage is no exception. It's amazing how far Kia has progressed when it comes to vehicle design. Check out these pics and look for our full review shortly.


Kate Upton talks to Bullz-Eye about getting sexy with Sobe

If you don’t know who Kate Upton is, then you clearly aren’t actually reading your copy of Sports Illustrated‘s swimsuit issue. Okay, fair enough, you’ve got a good excuse – beautiful women in bikinis have always appealed far more to male sensibilities than a well-written article – but, still, if you’d actually investigated some of the text, you’d know her name and would have remembered it when she was named the issue’s Rookie of the Year.

In addition to that notable accolade, Upton is also one of Sobe’s latest spokesfolk, which is how Bullz-Eye came to participate in a short but decidedly sweet little video chat with the model about her new gig with Sobe, the origins of her modeling career, and if she has any interest in moving beyond that realm.