Kate Upton talks to Bullz-Eye about getting sexy with Sobe

If you don’t know who Kate Upton is, then you clearly aren’t actually reading your copy of Sports Illustrated‘s swimsuit issue. Okay, fair enough, you’ve got a good excuse – beautiful women in bikinis have always appealed far more to male sensibilities than a well-written article – but, still, if you’d actually investigated some of the text, you’d know her name and would have remembered it when she was named the issue’s Rookie of the Year.

In addition to that notable accolade, Upton is also one of Sobe’s latest spokesfolk, which is how Bullz-Eye came to participate in a short but decidedly sweet little video chat with the model about her new gig with Sobe, the origins of her modeling career, and if she has any interest in moving beyond that realm.


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Five minutes with Ashley Greene

Someone asked us if we’d like to talk with “Twlight” clairvoyant bloodsucker Ashley Greene about the lucky person (who, as it turned out, was a woman) who was granted permission to take two 12-hour days painting skinsuits on her naked body. First, we took a look at the pictures.

Then we said, “Okay.” Or maybe we said “Okay” first, we’re not exactly sure, since both happened within nanoseconds of each other. It’s hard to get too in-depth with someone in five minutes, especially given the structure of the call, but hey: five minutes with Ashley Greene is five minutes with Ashley Greene. Most red-blooded men would hand over their mortal souls for such an honor.

To see Bullz-Eye’s video chat with Ashley Greene, along with some more lovely photos, click here.