8 Redheads for St. Patrick’s Day

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, so hopefully your day will be filled with beer, delicious Irish food and some lovely ladies with beautiful red hair. To get you in the mood, we’ve put together a quick slideshow of Bullz-Eye redheads.

The first photo has our favorite Irish redhead Amanda Neal getting in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit. We shot her in 2010 to celebrate the holiday, so check out the gallery and see her all decked out in green. Next we have the stunning Lisa in a tank top, and the beautiful Dasha who we discovered in the Ukraine. She might not be Irish, but she would definitely look great in green.

Next we have Wrenna Monet and then Taylor Byrd who we discovered at the Ultimate Fantasy Sports Weekend last year in Palm Springs. #6 Kasie perfected her red locks at the salon, while #7 Kira shows off her natural red hair in a SoCal shoot. We then round out the set with the beautiful Nichole, who is sporting bright blue instead of the traditional green for the season.

Enjoy the slideshow, and be safe as you celebrate this amazing holiday!


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2011 Harley-Davidson Ford F-150 first shots

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Bullz-Eye is driving and testing a 2011 Harley-Davidson F-150 and we noticed that this truck gets a lot of attention. There is no mistaking the 2011 Harley-Davidson F-150 with the black and orange custom paint job and Harley-Davidson decals visible from just about every angle of this truck. While we're working on the review check out this gallery of the 2011 Harley-Davidson F-150.


Your 2011 St. Patrick’s Day Playlist

Ah, St. Patrick’s Day, where everyone is Irish for a day. March seems to be full of days like that, since Fat Tuesday is the day where everyone is Catholic for a day.

Since we know many of you will be getting a full-fledged drink on this St. Paddy’s Day, especially since it is also the first day of the NCAA tournament, we have provided a small list of songs about drinking, the effects of drinking, and the vow that many of you will make the following morning. Think of it as the bender that you never took; we love booze as much as the next guys, but sometimes those things are better lived vicariously.

“It’s Time to Party,” Andrew W.K.

With a whopping three songs about partying on his debut album, Andrew W.K. will forever remain our master of ceremonies when it comes to partying. Until we saw the grammar-challenged lyric video, though, we didn’t know this song made a reference to a money shot. Yikes.

“Have a Drink on Me,” AC/DC

The night is young. Everyone is flush with cash and feeling generous. Try and remember this moment when 1:30 rolls around and you’re buying Natural Light pounders. For now, though, you’re living on the top shelf.

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Review: AXE body washes get a new look

Our friends at AXE sent us brand new samples of AXE Twist Revitalizing Shower Gel and AXE Snake Peel Shower Scrub. We were more than happy to test our the New Axe products with a new look.

AXE Twist sports a new improved fragrance that starts with with exciting freshness which then lasts to keep you in the game all day and all night. As they say “Use AXE Twist because a good first impression isn’t enough, you need to keep her inrigued”. I found the ultra lather with super fragrances had me feeling clean and refreshed.

AXE Snake Peel Shower Scrub also sports a new look but maintains the Desert Minerals and Cactus Oil that will clean your skin like never before. If you’re feeling more than a little dirty AXE Snake Peel shower scrub with deep cleans and exfoliates to remove dirt and dry skin. I used Snake Peel daily and never felt cleaner and believe me when I tell you that this stuff really works.

Between the new look of AXE shower gels and the reliable feeling of knowing AXE has your back out there these products will help AXE fly off the shelves.


2011 Mini Cooper First Shots

Bullz-Eye is currently driving and reviewing a 2011 Mini Cooper S and we are having a blast! The Mini Cooper is obviously a sporty car but the interior space is also noteworthy. Testing is taking place in snowy Ohio and so far the Mini Cooper is up to the challenge. Look for our upcoming review of this upscale compact on Bullz-Eye.com