Review: AXE body washes get a new look

Our friends at AXE sent us brand new samples of AXE Twist Revitalizing Shower Gel and AXE Snake Peel Shower Scrub. We were more than happy to test our the New Axe products with a new look.

AXE Twist sports a new improved fragrance that starts with with exciting freshness which then lasts to keep you in the game all day and all night. As they say “Use AXE Twist because a good first impression isn’t enough, you need to keep her inrigued”. I found the ultra lather with super fragrances had me feeling clean and refreshed.

AXE Snake Peel Shower Scrub also sports a new look but maintains the Desert Minerals and Cactus Oil that will clean your skin like never before. If you’re feeling more than a little dirty AXE Snake Peel shower scrub with deep cleans and exfoliates to remove dirt and dry skin. I used Snake Peel daily and never felt cleaner and believe me when I tell you that this stuff really works.

Between the new look of AXE shower gels and the reliable feeling of knowing AXE has your back out there these products will help AXE fly off the shelves.


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