Stanley introduces new Anti-Vibe Hammers

Stanley Anti-Vibe Hammer

Can every tool be improved? Stanley is taking that approach with tools as simple as the hammer and finding ways to make this old reliable even more effective.

With their new Anti-Vibe hammers, Stanley gives you a reason to upgrade with part of your toolbox. They come in 14-ounce and 17-ounce versions with both featuring 2-piece steel hammer construction with Anti-Vibe technology that isolates vibration to the hammer head. The Anti-Vibe handle grip also reduces vibrations for comfort and control.

The hammer feels different right away when you hold it in your hand. The design is cool and distinctive, and the hammer also has useful features like a magnetic nail starter for one-handed nail placement.

So as you upgrade your tools or seek out that perfect gift for a dad or brother who appreciates quality, these new hammers can be a great option.


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Edge-Prepping Industrial Equipment: Benefits and FAQ

factory worker sparks flying

In any business, it’s important to maximize the longevity and efficiency of all necessary equipment. Office jobs must invest in long-lasting computers; hospitals need durable, functional medical equipment. In fields that require industrial equipment, however, it’s even more vital to invest in durable tools to prevent unnecessary expenses and wasted time.

Edge-prepping is one way to increase the industrial tools’ lifetime. Not only will this reduce the cost of repairing and replacing the equipment, but it also will prevent broken tools from disrupting business processes. After all, a loss of production means a loss of income.

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