Enhancing Your Online Gaming Experience

Gaming is a lifestyle. To be able to see the best results from your gaming experience, you want to make sure that you are going about the task in the right way. A lot of the enjoyment comes down to the game itself. If you are a casual gamer, then you might be very selective about what games you choose. Many people who game pay close attention to leaders of the industry like Bobby Kotick in order to get a feel for which games are going to prove the most enticing down the line.

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The Expansion of eSports Betting: A Phenomenon Across the World

One thing is for sure: the beginnings of the eSports betting industry are far behind us. Now, this industry has been transformed into a global phenomenon. This information is backed up by reports and official stats. In 2016, the eSports industry was expected to grow by 43 percent, reaching $40 billion. The growing popularity of this trend is translated into the quick increase of individuals that follow eSports events.

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Are eSports About to Kick-Off a Gaming Revolution?

Cassandra & Grubby during the award cere” (CC BY 2.0) by matthewwu88

With the news that “FIFA 17” matches will be broadcast live on TV by BT Sport, now could be the time for eSports to start pulling in huge audience figures and for eSport stars to become household names.

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Students, Gaming and E-sports: Everything you need to know


Over in China, students are not only prepping for their exams but also for e-sport tournaments. These young players are small fries in the world of gaming, but as they move up the ladder and join teams to defeat other players on games such as “Counterstrike,” “DOTA” and “StarCraft,” they could build a career for themselves and earn cash, all while doing something they love.

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Fitness with Virtual Gaming


In 2010, the first-generation Kinect was introduced by Microsoft. It is a motion-sensing input device that enables user to control and interact with their Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles without the need for a gamepad. This device features multi-array microphone running proprietary software, depth sensor and RGB camera, which provide full-body 3D motion capture, along with voice recognition and facial recognition capabilities. The second generation Kinect based on the same core technology as Kinect for Xbox was released for Windows in 2014, and it included a new sensor.

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