The Expansion of eSports Betting: A Phenomenon Across the World

One thing is for sure: the beginnings of the eSports betting industry are far behind us. Now, this industry has been transformed into a global phenomenon. This information is backed up by reports and official stats. In 2016, the eSports industry was expected to grow by 43 percent, reaching $40 billion. The growing popularity of this trend is translated into the quick increase of individuals that follow eSports events.

No less than 40 percent of Chinese people who own smartphones admitted to having watched at least one eSports event.

According to projections, fans are anticipated to bet about $23.5 billion on eSports by 2020. What is more, operators are expected to generate $1.8 billion in revenue.

The eSports industry has grown over the years to a surprising point. Leading bookmakers continually take bets on important matches. It appears that the betting volume surpasses that of tennis, golf, rugby, and it’s always changing.

It’s easy to understand why that happened. ESports are prone to become a significant segment of the sportsbook’s portfolio. Tournaments are exhilarating, competitive and fast-paced. Moreover, the live crowd creates a distinct atmosphere that is compared to that of a traditional football match.

Betting creates more engagement and makes the entire experience even more thrilling. This applies to both the hardcore gamer and the casual viewer.

Additionally, the accessibility of eSports events via the Internet is another important factor. That is expected to bring this industry to the forefront in the future. Twitch, for instance, enables gathering fans to communicate during matches. That makes the entire process more exciting and entertaining.

Experts admit that it’s just a matter of time until the eSports industry reaches the coveted $1 billion mark. In this scenario, getting into betting is rather tempting. You can start placing your bet on eSports now at if you want to be a part of the phenomenon.